Totally Cute Tattoo

Totally Cute Tattoo


Small and cute tattoo designs that are popular with girls are butterflies, hearts, stars, and flowers. These little tattoo ideas are perfect for you if you’re looking for ideas for your first tattoo or if you’re ready to add a little cute tattoo to your collection!

Cute small tattoos for girls can rightly be considered unique accessories, while also being brilliant self-expression means telling a lot about the personality and the inner world of the wearer. Tiny tattoos are also a great idea to start your journey in the epic world of ink with, where getting in the grip of an obsession with all those beautiful, little stamps is inevitable. Below, we present 50+ undeniably cute small tattoo ideas for girls along with their meaning to inspire you!

A recent study in the US surprising revealed that whilst 85% of people think that males are more likely to have tattoos, on the contrary, 59% of the tattooed population is made up of females. We now live in an age where tattoos are common place and it’s not longer considered a faux pas for a female to have tattoos showing. Tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself through body art and we have compiled 125 of our favourite tattoo ideas for girls.

Creative and Unique Small/cute Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are intriguing and have become a way of life. They require commitment, a virtue that is closely connected with getting inked. The thought of having a tattoo that we might regret is a scary one. You might want to go big with the whole idea of getting inked, but not everyone is firm on a particular concept. Our small tattoo ideas can help you make a more informed decision.

Semicolon Tattoo Ideas – Every tattoo has a story that’s meant to be told, shared, celebrated and experienced. One particular design that’s making waves across the Internet is that of a semicolon tattoo. They aren’t just a trend, they’re a symbol of a silent fight. Here are 89 of the most inspiring Semicolon Tattoo ideas!

Funny Tattoo Ideas – You consider yourself a pretty funny person so of course, you need a fun and funny tattoo to show the world you have a sense of humor and you don’t take yourself too seriously. Maybe it’s something that plays off a birthmark or a freckly. Maybe the tattoo is just a funny design. Where do you even begin? Seeing as you are reading this you are probably looking for some ideas to spark that perfect funny tattoo. (Source: tattooglee.com)

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