Texas Tattoos

Texas Tattoos



At Lone Star Tattoo we pride ourselves on bringing expert tattooing of the highest caliber to North Dallas. Our resident artists and guest artist’s styles range from American Traditional and Japanese tattooing, to fine-line and delicate, to the downright weird! Being friendly and respectful to everyone that walks in the door is just how we operate. Take some time to check out our gallery- (if you don’t see the style you’re looking for in our gallery section, that doesn’t mean we don’t do it) contact us and we’ll start working on something great for you!

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You Can't Get Much More Texas Than These Tattoos

Texas pride is permanent. And Pinterest has all the creative designs you need to show your state love in ink. Check out these Texas pride tattoos. (Source: www.chron.com)

70 Texas Tattoos for Me

The open spaces of Texas also means there’s a lot of elbow room so try growing your Texas tattoo from around the unblemished space of your elbow. This is a particularly great way to incorporate your elbow into your sleeve without worrying about distortions. Experiment with different designs to find the one that best fits your Texan brand.

This is a great option for those who might want a more artistic piece. Since the building itself is white/cream-colored, grey and black ink are the best options for an illustrative feel that reveals all the cracks and crannies of the immemorial building. Pay your respects to the independent nature of Texas with one of the most historic representations of Texan liberty.

Celebrate the wide open spaces of Texas with a negative space Texas tattoo. Adorn the outer edges of the state to reveal your devotion to Texas through the unblemished space. Blend together words and images to reveal multiple layers of Texan pride. Another neat idea is to use the imagery of a cattle brand, which often uses negative space to create their images, and brand yourself as a Texan for life.

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The stars and stripes hold so much meaning for many people and if you’re a flag lover, Texas may be the perfect place to

nextluxury.com)Show off your love of Texas with a Texas longhorn tattoo. A type of cattle known for its long horns, this animal is one of Texas’ state mammals, along with the nine-banded armadillo. Use its iconic shape to fill with Texas paraphernalia. Go for a more Gothic Georgia O’Keeffe vibe with an artistic skull of a longhorn. The shape of the Texas longhorn makes it a great option for a chest piece, with its head over your heart and its horns extending up your collarbones.

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