Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary Tattoos:

Semipermanent Tattoos: Why Millennials Love The

A few months ago, I walked into a tattoo shop near my apartment, forked over $100, slipped a token into a gumball machine, and opened a plastic pod to find the image I would soon have on my upper arm for the rest of my life. The shop calls this game Get What You Get: You pay the house minimum and get a surprise design via the retro machine, then an artist turns it into a small, full-color tattoo. I got a human eye with an arched brow and a single tear. I asked for a green iris, but otherwise the details of the final product were left up to the artist. (

Tattoos Sticker: Buy Temporary Tattoo Sticker Online

Body art or tattoos are a way of expressing yourself artistically. But many people refrain from getting a tattoo because of its permanent nature. With tattoo stickers, you no longer have to worry about that. Also, permanent tattoos come with a set of disadvantages. Other than the obvious pain from the needlework, permanent tattoos can cause various health hazards. Scars, irritation, inflammation, and allergies are common skin issues that may arise after getting inked permanently. Some more severe concerns are communicable diseases like hepatitis and HIV, which can be transmitted through non-sterilised infected needles. Temporary tattoos do not pose these serious health risks. Plus, you do not have to worry about not liking your body art after a point in time. You can change the design anytime you want. You can find various kinds of theme-based stick-on tattoos, like spiritual, wild-life, love, abstract, floral, butterflies, and Marvel and DC characters. Brands such as AllyDrew, Twink Designs, Gilded Girl, Wincraft, and Fun Express offer a variety of tattoo stickers online. You can either go for classic monochromatic designs or choose a really colourful print, depending on your preference. You can shop for these tattoo stickers from Flipkart and get them delivered to your doorstep. (Source: )


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