Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for Girls

Inspiring Cute and Small Tattoos Ideas for Girls

Tattoos is a very personal thing and not liked by all. Tattoos for girls who like getting inked, to them a tattoo is emotional, mental, spiritual land, of course, a physical experience. Tattoos may seem cool and trendy but it’s much more than that. The tattoo design means much more than just a symbol or shape.

Flower Tattoos on Wrist:

Another popular design for which you will find thousands of inspiration is the flower design. If you love flowers, then we are sure you would be spoilt for choices.

Inner Wrist Tattoos:

While going through the innumerable inner wrist tattoos, we found this elegant and simple dream catcher tattoo. (Source: www.fashionlady.in)

Heart Tattoos on Wrist:

A post on wrist tattoos would be incomplete without showcasing some amazing designs of heart tattoos on wrist.

Tattoos for Girls on Hand:

Hand tattoos make a statement, with their style. Mostly covering the area of couple tattoos and tattoos that portray minimalism, these hand tattoos are a great deal. Hand tattoos could include cute ring tattoos on the fingers too.

Flower Trick:

Don’t you wish you could ‘pluck’ the tiny flower sitting pretty on the feminine hand? It is nature’s bliss captured beautifully on hand! Sweet-n-fresh it is, isn’t it?

Pin It!

You know the best part about this simple and elegant looking tattoo featuring ‘safety pin’ on hand? The way it takes the shape of the hand is phenomenal! Well-thought out and 10 on 10!

Sun and Moon:

Sun on the right thumb and the moon on the left thumb, looks like a planetary association of things.

Tattoos for Girls on Shoulder:

Shoulder tattoos for girls look incredibly trendy as they add to the glamour and oomph quotient of the individual. So ink up your shoulder with these super cool designs shown below. They are sure to keep you happy and satisfied, only to come back for more.

Rose Delight:

What’s a medium sized flower doing on the shoulder blade? Creating a ladylike statement. This tattoo goes well when you are dressed in off-shoulder or tops with straps. (Source: www.fashionlady.in)



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