tattoos at 50 years old

tattoos at 50 years old


Old people with tattoos

This is because those brightly colored inks will eventually fade. So choose the right design and go with a monochrome look if longevity is your aim.

Your tattoo artist might run into some issues if you are older because the skin tends to be thinner and have wrinkles, but there are always ways to work around this, if it means simplifying the design or compromising on its elements.

If you are nineteen years old and just got that small, detailed, and colorful design of a beautiful goddess on your upper thigh, you might be in for lots of trouble over time. (Source:

The photography portraits feature the chosen men and women in the living rooms of their homes. Looking comfortable and confident, the subjects vary in the amount of body art they have. Some are covered from head to toe in ink, while others have small designs that are barely visible in the picture. It’s easy to assume that these folks received their tattoos when they were young, but TattooAge points out that this is not always the case. There are some unexpected stories, like a design that was a gift from a grandchild, or people who got their first tattoo when they were 80 years old! (Source: mymodernmet.com) The early designs were often painful. Furthermore, sterilisation was impossible until the late 19th century, so the only way to prevent infection was


'A new exhibit at the Musée du Quai Branly is paying homage to the world's past and present obsession with tattoos, in the aptly titled show "Tatoueurs Tatoues." Presenting over 300 contemporary and historical works of body art, the exhibition is a rich trek through the emergence, growth and commercialization of the tattoo. From photographs to silicone "body extracts" to body suits, the works on display reveal the intricate aesthetic and specialized skill that's long gone into tattooing.'

With a new home comes a new phase. You get a welcomed change of things… (Source: theplaidzebra.com) Touches of Life by JBS Boddington at the Miami Seaquarium. (Source: www.google.fr) . (Source:


Tattoos are forever. We repeat: FOREVER. That little word will either excite you or terrify you when it comes to talking about permanent body art, but have you ever wondered what happens to tattoos when you get older? There are tons of horror stories about wrinkly skin that renders your once-pristine art unrecognizable. Simply put, if you're 60+ years old and rocking a full sleeve or two and a chest piece, you're probably one cool dude.

This list of old people with tattoos will get you ready to conquer the word "forever." The elderly folk with tattoos showcased in this list prove just how cool it is to get tattoos and wear them proudly. These men and women all have unique stories displayed on their arms, face, neck, stomach, and legs. Everything from color, black and white, and portraits are displayed. (Source: www.ranker.com) Have you been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now? Maybe you just need a little inspiration. If you're completely lost, this list of


Art hardly gets closer to you than tattoos – after all, those are works of art embedded in your skin. And for all the naysayers that talk about tattoos and old age we present these badass seniors proudly rocking their ink. None of them look regretful – in fact, these folk are all proud of the marks their skin bears. And for the tattoos themselves, well, do they look like they have been damaged by time? I don’t think so. They’re still colorful and vibrant, and well done, to boot. I guess one of the ways to have great tattoos at old age is to have a good tattoo artist.

Look at this badass. Do what you like and remember that anyone who makes fun of you is jus miserable. (Source: www.pinterest.com)

Arguments against tattoos were that they would look awful on wrinkled and aging skin, when actually, older people with tattoos look badass and fabulous. Their tattoos tell the stories of their lives and will continue to last as their memories start to fade. (Source: www.yourtango.com These 22 photos of tattooed seniors prove once and for all that, yes, old ink is still just as badass as it was decades prior. (Source:theplaidzebra.com)) I'm gonna stop there to shield one day everyone from a potential embarrassment. (Source:diy.com) Paula Dean, a


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