Tattoo Shops Open Near Me:

Tattoo Shops Open Near Me:

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops Near Me (with Prices & Reviews)

I have a passion for arts and believe that every tattoo has a meaning or story behind it; whether you draw it yourself or assist me in creating a work of art or take something from multiple pictures and combine them; it is a one of a kind. I have all necessary equipment, can and will travel if need be or client can come to me and relax in my home shop. I’ve been tattooing for about 7 yrs and did an apprenticeship for 4yrs two in California and two in Oklahoma. ... View Profile

Guidelines Will Largely Be Set by Salon Owners.

In general, the government is pretty hands-off with the day-to-day operations of tattoo shops, including enforcing safety practices. (Laws and regulations about tattooing certification vary from state to state.) C'est la Vie notes that the "standards that we follow are…set by [the Occupational Safety and Health Administration]. There are some regulations that are put in place by the state health department, but [the state and city governments] don’t typically involve themselves with the process of getting tattooed."

Say Goodbye to Impulsive Tattoos — Walk-Ins Are a No-Go.

"I refuse to do walk-ins. I don’t want to have to sit in there and have to draw for them for 30 to 40 minutes," Snax says. "That’s more time I’m spending breathing [the client's] air." Kings Avenue Tattoo won't be taking any walk-ins anymore, but the shop will still be offering call-ins. "People can call on the same day and see if we have availability," Genné-Bacon explains, noting that these same-day appointments are an important part of the business. The call-in system will also eliminate the number of people who walk in thinking about getting a tattoo, but ultimately leave without one. 


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