Tattoo Shops Near Me That Are Highly Rated

Tattoo Shops Near Me That Are Highly Rated


Tattoos are permanent markings and should only be done by an experienced and skilled individual. Before selecting a studio, it's essential to visit at least three to four shops and assess each artist's work for quality assurance.

One of the best ways to find the ideal studio is by visiting their website and reading reviews online. Furthermore, you should try visiting the shop yourself to assess its cleanliness for yourself.

1. Electric Anvil Tattoo

At this Bronx tattoo shop, they have something special for every customer. Not only do they boast an impressive roster of artists with cutting-edge styles and techniques, but their "get what you get" system makes the experience all the more fun and worthwhile. Their staff is top notch and their selection of swag is truly out-of-this world; plus you never need to wait in line - check in and out in no time! If you would like further information about this top notch establishment, feel free to reach out online or by phone today!

2. State Tattoo Company

State Tattoo Company is the perfect shop near me if you're in search of high-quality body art experiences. Not only does their environment provide a clean and inviting atmosphere for custom designs, but their website boasts an impressive portfolio so that you can view their work and get quotes before booking an appointment. State Tattoo Company will surely exceed your expectations!

State Tattoo Company offers expert guidance to help you select the ideal artwork for your body. Their staff of talented artists is well-trained and can create a stunning design that will look amazing no matter where it goes on your body. Open seven days a week, they accept walk-ins as well.

This shop is a favorite among New York City residents and boasts some of the top tattoo artists. They specialize in different styles of designs and can create something custom just for you. The minimum shop fee is $100; prices may vary based on artist, detail, placement and size of the design.

In addition to their excellent customer service, they also provide a safe and secure environment. As proud members of the National Tattoo Association, they strive to give you the best tattooing experience.

They boast a diverse roster of artists, including world-renowned tattoo artist Ruben Barahona. His designs incorporate pop culture elements, fine art techniques, realism and surrealism into one cohesive whole.

He is an active member of the American Society of Tattoo Artists and an expert in all facets of this art form. With more than two decades of experience under his belt, he brings a wealth of expertise to bear on each project he undertakes.

Rising Dragon Tattoo, located between Union Square Park and Meat Market area of Manhattan, has earned rave reviews for being one of the oldest and coolest tattoo shops in NYC. They boast talented artists that specialize in Japanese, Realistic, and Portrait designs.

3. Red Rocket Tattoo

For an unmatched luxury experience in tattooing, Red Rocket Tattoo is your destination. This Midtown hotspot boasts many top-notch artists - many of whom are also accomplished painters - along with an innovative and stylish design scheme. Aside from its stellar staff, this establishment is a hub of activity with brightly lit rooms and ample seating. It's no wonder why this establishment has earned the title of best tattoo parlor in Manhattan for 2022! Quality plus an unmatched clientele and stylish design keep customers coming back for more. At the same time, they manage to keep prices low and the fun factor high - a winning combination that keeps them ranked number one among other feisty Manhattan tattoo joints for good reason.

4. West 4 Tattoo

Tattoos are back in fashion, and if you're looking to add a unique piece of artwork to your body, New York City is an ideal destination for getting inked. Here, you'll find experienced artists with creative visions, clean spaces that adhere to social distancing guidelines, as well as unique atmospheres that set each shop apart.

West 4 Tattoo in Williamsburg is a welcoming tattoo shop with an eclectic mix of talent and style. They're the perfect destination for anyone seeking traditional or American-style tattoos or any other kind of design. Additionally, their social distancing guidelines ensure all customers stay safe while getting their design done by experienced artists.

Their artists' styles range from illustrative to black and grey realism, but each has something special that sets them apart. Chang, for instance, is considered one of the world's finest fine line tattoo artists and his floral and calligraphy designs have a special significance for many people. He excels at reproducing handwriting clients bring to appointments so he can craft detailed images from just a single stroke.

Joe Redding is another artist at this shop who specializes in black and grey realism with intricate nature-related imagery. His designs are both clean and sophisticated, using lots of shading to mimic black and white shadows without using too much color. As an accomplished tattoo artist, you can reach him on Instagram to request a quote for custom tattoo designs.

If you're looking to give someone a tattoo as a present, West 4 Tattoo offers Giftly Gift Cards which can be redeemed on their website or in-person. Send the certificate via email, SMS*, mail or print a physical copy so they can redeem it when visiting in person.

tattoo shops near me hickory nc

Tattoo Shops Near Me in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte boasts a diverse selection of tattoo artists with various styles and abilities. Whether you're searching for an edgy neo-traditional artist or something vibrant and cartoonish, we've got something to suit everyone's taste.

Crystana "Dutchess" Lattimore of Pretty N Ink specializes in both traditional and realism tattooing. Her intricate designs incorporate black lines, colored shapes, geometric elements, and nature scenes to create artful works that express her clients' individual aesthetics.

Brighter Shade Tattoo

Brighter Shade Tattoo is a high tech yet friendly boutique shop in Portland that houses some of the state's best tattooers. Their small staff isn't slack when it comes to applying ink on skin, and their staff is knowledgeable about what their clients want and need. One of their more renowned employees is Alicia Van Curen, a local girl known for her intricate artwork and large-scale pieces of art. Additionally, the company does custom t-shirt design and boasts one of the more relaxed waiting rooms you will ever come across. It's no surprise they have been in business for more than a decade, having earned a well-deserved reputation for quality service. Alicia is one of the more captivating females in the industry and you're sure to enjoy your time as she creates some of North Carolina's finest tattoos.

Sacred Lotus Tattoo

Lotus flowers are an inspiring symbol for enlightenment and personal growth in Buddhism. They also symbolize purification and faithfulness within the religion, making them perfect tattoo designs due to their versatility in style and color choices.

The blue lotus flower is a beloved choice among many tattoo enthusiasts. Typically depicted with partial open bloom, it symbolizes the everlasting growth of one's spirit and mind. Additionally, this powerful symbol also signifies purity and enlightenment - making it an incredibly popular tattoo design choice.

This tattoo design can be placed on the arm or any part of the body to add an elegant touch. It's ideal for those who prefer their ink small and straightforward.

To make this tattoo design even more personalized, add a quote or word into the stem. Not only does this add some depth to it, but it will make the design much more unique.

Another option is to add a mandala to your lotus tattoo. Mandalas are popular tattoo designs that use various shapes and symbols in an intricate circular pattern. These designs can be great for meditation as they provide visual calming effects.

Tattooing on the chest can be particularly painful, as there is less muscle and fat in this area of the body. Therefore, getting this type of design may cause more discomfort than other parts of the body due to lack of circulation.

You may choose to get a tattoo on your wrist. It is an increasingly popular location for tattoos due to its lack of exposure to external elements compared to other parts of the body, plus you can easily cover it if you don't want others seeing it.

American Tattoo Society

At American Tattoo Society, they believe in telling your story with the finest art possible. Owners Ryan and Nicole Harrell opened their first shop in Fayetteville, NC and have since expanded to open four military base tattoo parlors across the US.

With a mission to serve the military community, this tattoo shop offers high-end artistry at an affordable price that military members can appreciate. In addition to tattoos, they also provide piercing services.

They have a team of professionals available to answer questions and address any worries you may have. Furthermore, they strive to continuously improve customer service standards so you feel secure getting your tattoo.

Their counter staff is always ready to assist you and will provide pricing over the phone or online. They understand that military members often have tight schedules and budgets, so they will do their best to accommodate your requirements.

Area 15 of Optimist Park houses Coast to Coast Tattoo, which specializes in both traditional styles and realism. Their artists strive to help clients find their perfect design and collaborate closely with you so that your tattoo is exactly as desired.

Blood Sweat and Tears Tattoo in Monroe Road offers realistic artwork with a vibrant twist. Their artists take great pleasure in helping you realize your vision by meeting with you to discuss ideas and how they can bring them to life.

Hayley Moran of Haylo Healing Arts is an abstract tattooist who uses realism and illustration to tell her clients' stories through tattoo art. Her portfolio features deep geometric pieces and nature scenes as well as playful images inspired by Studio Ghibli films.

Phoenix Tattoo Studio

Are you considering getting your first tattoo but unsure where to begin? Phoenix Tattoo Studio has got everything you need - they offer an extensive selection of designs and their artists are more than happy to assist in finding the ideal design for your body.

The studio also provides a consultation service, so you can ensure your tattoo matches your personality and style perfectly. Best of all? They don't charge for it!

Its portfolio offers a wide variety of designs, from minimalist flower patterns to intricate characters and portraits that will suit your personality. Plus, the staff are friendly and helpful; they'll answer all your questions so you can feel confident in selecting the design you like best.

They offer a consultation service where they'll ask you some questions about your ideas, so you can be certain the design will meet your expectations. It's wise to book an appointment before visiting the studio in order to guarantee that everything will be done correctly the first time around.

Ash has been tattooing for seven years and specializes in black and gray realism. She loves listening to her customers' stories and creating personalized artwork that is truly one-of-a kind.

Another reason we appreciate this shop is their high-end equipment and stringent safety protocols for their clients. Doing so, they guarantee the highest quality tattoos while providing a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Its staff is incredibly talented and can create any type of tattoo. With a large Instagram community, they specialize in both small minimalistic designs as well as intricate larger ones to compliment your body. Their staff is willing to take on any challenge with enthusiasm and always strives to do their best for customers.

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