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Tattoo Shops


I have a passion for arts and believe that every tattoo has a meaning or story behind it; whether you draw it yourself or assist me in creating a work of art or take something from multiple pictures and combine them; it is a one of a kind. I have all necessary equipment, can and will travel if need be or client can come to me and relax in my home shop. I’ve been tattooing for about 7 yrs and did an apprenticeship for 4yrs two in California and two in Oklahoma. ... View Profile (Source: fash.com)

Uk and European Stockists of Tattoo Supplies and Tattoo Equipment

The Tattoo Shop Tattoo Supplies offer everything for the busy studio including Needles, Tattoo Inks, Tattoo Machines, Tattoo Needles, Furniture and Couches, Tattoo Grips/Tattoo Tips, Tattoo Machine Power Supplies, Tattoo Accessories, Disposable Tubes/Tips, Medical Equipment for Tattooing, Ultrasonic’s for Tattooing, Tattoo Stencil Making, Tattoo Books, Tattoo DVD’s, Tattoo Flash.

Favorite Portland Tattoo Shops

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How Much Does a Tattoo Typically Cost?

Most shops have a minimum per tattoo, around $100. The price depends on the size of the tattoo and how long it will take to finish. Larger, more colorful and complicated tattoos cost more, and require more sittings to complete the work.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

Some books can be out 3-6 months, or even a year. Some artists open books quarterly, and fill up fast. It’s best to follow the artist you’re hoping to work with and sign up for notifications of new bookings. (Source: www.travelportland.com)

Where Should I Go for My First Tattoo?

Portland has dozens of tattoo shops, and some of the best tattoo artists. The most important thing is style. Find an artist whose style you like; Portland’s dozens of talented tattoo artists provide plenty of options.


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