Tattoo Nightmares

Tattoo Nightmares

A good number of tattoos have been associated with both heavy and painful experiences. Whether the ink is from a mistake from a bad tattoo parlor, a family member with unskilled tattoo skills, or a bad instance of ink from a so-called "Fresh Ink," the painful stories of ink gone horribly wrong are never-ending. However one experience. . . That's enough. Related articles at the end of the page include some of the most painful tattoos that can save you from getting more tattoos. So if the stories on the pages at .

Furthering the network’s mission to expand its audience and demographics, Spike TV has greenlit new seasons of two of the network’s most broad-appealing and highest-rated series, “Ink Master” and “Tattoo Nightmares.” Season three of “Ink Master,” will debut in the summer of 2013 with 13 one-hour episodes. The 26 new episodes of “Tattoo Nightmares” will run in 2013. Both series will go back into production early in 2013. (Source: www.paramountnetwork.com)

Season two (through 8 episodes, Oct 9-Nov 27) of “Ink Master,” is averaging 1.8 million viewers and has improved the timeslot with Persons 18-49 by 105% and Persons 18-34 by 132%. “Ink Master” is hosted by music legend and tattoo aficionado Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) and judged by renowned tattoo artists Chris Nunez (“Miami Ink”) and Oliver Peck (Elm Street Tattoo). The show is produced for Spike by Original Media (“Swamp People,” “NY Ink,” “Comic Book Men,” “The Rachel Zoe Project,”) with Charlie Corwin and Andrea Richter serving as Executive Producers.

Tattoo Nightmares (tv Series 2012–

Get ready for another round of Tattoo Nightmares. There's nothing worse than a bad tattoo. Three of the nation's top tattoo artists run a one-of-a-kind shop specializing in the seriously dif...

Tattoo Nightmare

Louie, Tim. "Inked Out – SallyAnn Salsano – The Queen Of 'Tattoo Nightmares'". The Aquarian. Retrieved 19 July 2017.Real people with really bad tattoos seek the help of three of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them. Tattoo artists Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez work miracles to turn disasterpieces into masterpieces. (Source:

Tattoo Nightmares is an American docu-reality series taking a closer look at “tattastrophies” and the genius work of cover-up artists who fix them. Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez are among the most revered cover-up artists in the business, and they employ their years of experience to undo their client’s ill-conceived tats. Watch as they work their magic and turn “disasterpieces” into new works of art. (Source: www.justwatch.com)

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This freaking sucks! He was such an amazing artist. He won Ink Master!! RIP Scott. Prayers for your family. (I know Scott was never on Tattoo Nightmares but but he was on Ink Master which Tommy Helm almost won.)

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There is never a shortage of horrific tattoos that need to be covered up, so we're heading to a new city for our spin-off, Tattoo Nightmares Miami. Our new artists will be taking on the most atrocious tattoo cover-ups, as well as tackling the impossible tattoos that no other artists would even dare try.



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