Tattoo Machine:

Tattoo Machine:

This machine produces a large assortment of randomized, organic tattoos in a time span from 3-45 minutes. Most of the ink used has been specifically designed from a lab in Europe. Your team can design a tattoo by choosing from a variety of background colors, fonts, and shapes. And instead of a common old-school tattoo, you can create a custom design for your event or promotion. All artwork created by the computer is available for sale back at Mac’s Tattoos & Piercings for 30 additional days after your event.

Tattoo Machines for Sale

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding amateur, the type of tattoo machines and guns that you use are at least partially responsible for the end quality of tattoo work. Having the right tools for tattooing makes all the difference when it comes to learning or improving upon this art form.

What Material Is a Tattoo Machine Made Of?

The last thing you want is for your tattoo gun to break mid-tattoo and risk damaging your customer’s skin (and your reputation in the process). You need a reliable tattoo machine and be able to trust that it is going to work properly. For this reason you’ll find that the best tattoo machines are made out of iron, steel, brass, bronze, or aluminum. Their strong metal frames ensure a sturdy, durable tattoo machine that you will spend less time setting up, and more time tattooing. Aluminum tattoo machines are more light-weight, with brass being the heaviest and also the most durable. (Source: tattooschool.com)

What Should the Shape and Weight of a Tattoo Machine Be?

As tattoo artists you will spend your career applying your beautiful designs to your customers’ skin, potentially for hours at a time. Using a tattoo machine that is too heavy will tire your hand out sooner, as well as reduce your ability to comfortably apply fine detail and turn to different angles. Using a too-heavy tattoo machine over a period of years could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a surprisingly common ailment in the tattoo world.

Actually, the application of figures to the skin has a tradition reaching back thousands of years in a multitude of cultures. With needles or other sharp implements, people have always sought to permanently apply colour pigments to the human body. For instance, numerous tattoos were found on the roughly 5,300 year-old Stone Age man "Ötzi". Tattoos have also been identified by archaeologists on the 4,000 year-old mummy of the Egyptian priestess Amunet. The archaic methods used for this tattooing were exceptionally painful, as the designs were carved into the skin using wooden implements, human bones, sharks' teeth or thorns. Nowadays, the procedures are much less painful, more hygienic and of the highest technical standards – especially if brushed dc motors from FAULHABER are applied in the tattoo machines.

Enduring, but Not Everlasting.

Permanent make-up was developed from tattooing and refers to an enduring outlining of features, such as eyes or lips, by means of micro-fine colour pigments. In contrast to a tattoo, permanent make-up is not irreversible as modern technology makes it possible to colour just the uppermost layer of skin. The result lasts about five years long. The professionally and enduringly applied cosmetic art is viewed with increasing interest in our world, which places a great deal of value on beauty. Beyond the aesthetic aspects, permanent make-up can also cover up small imperfections and scars.

Precision in Ballpoint Pen Format.

Like the tattoo artists, cosmeticians who apply permanent make-up also benefit from having a light, handy device that they can delicately operate. The colour pigments are injected in the surface of the skin with an oscillating needle, whereby – in contrast to tattooing – only the uppermost layers of skin are treated and the underlying tissue remains unscathed. The devices that are employed must meet the highest demands on technology and design, and moreover work precisely and reliably. As the most sensitive parts of the body – such as the eyes, for instance – are being treated, extremely smooth running is particularly necessary for this. Brushed dc motors made by FAULHABER can also be successfully utilised in devices for applying permanent make-up. Because the devices are elongated and ideally have a format somewhat resembling a ballpoint pen, the slender models of the brushed dc motors have proven themselves. (Source: )


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