Tattoo Artist Near Me:

Tattoo Artist Near Me:


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I have a passion for arts and believe that every tattoo has a meaning or story behind it; whether you draw it yourself or assist me in creating a work of art or take something from multiple pictures and combine them; it is a one of a kind. I have all necessary equipment, can and will travel if need be or client can come to me and relax in my home shop. I’ve been tattooing for about 7 yrs and did an apprenticeship for 4yrs two in California and two in Oklahoma. ... View Profile (Source: fash.com)

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Aaron Broke is a tattoo artist who works out of the Vicious Ink Tattoos & Piercings shop in Sterling Heights. Mr. Broke took up tattooing in 2008 and specializes in traditional art mixed with neotraditional or color bomb work. He only provides tattoo quotes in person after taking into account a range of factors, including style, body location, and ink colors. Mr. Broke requires clients to post a cash deposit before scheduling any tattoo appointment.

Founded in 1993, A1 Tattoo Shop provides professional tattooing services to clients in Kansas City and Gladstone. Its owner, Brennan O’ Rourke, has been in the business for over 20 years and specializes in American Traditional tattooing and large-scale Japanese-style tattoos. He works with a team of seasoned tattoo artists trained in inking large and small-scale tattoos, diverse tattoo styles—including vintage and hand-drawn artworks—cover-ups, and originals. Brennan and his team's mission is to tattoo clients with professional body art that they can be proud of.

Must-Follow Embroidery Tattoo Artist

Last year, seemingly out of nowhere, embroidery tattoos began popping up all over the Instagram Explore page. At the time, the style was new to the mainstream tattoo community, but in places like Brazil, Moscow and Mexico City, tattooers had already been practicing the art of embroidery tattoo design for years. Embroidery-inspired pieces, which have a unique three-dimensional look and are deceptively similar to real-life embroidered patches—hence the style’s name—first emerged in 2017. Since then, just a handful of tattooers have made the style their specialty. Ahead, we’re highlighting seven of these must-follow artists whose attention to detail has enabled them to craft impressively realistic embroidery designs. (Source: 


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