Sunflower Tattoo Meaning

Sunflower Tattoo Meaning

Sunflowers are one of the most popular tattoo designs in America. Their light, airy yellow is often associated with--and appreciated by--many. That being said, their meaning is somewhat straightforward. However, there is another side of the sunflower--a side that has a lot more depth to it. That being its representation of pain, hurt, sorrow, destruction, eclipse, and death. This opposing side is the side that the German Expressionist artists of Hitler's time exploited. In fact, their portrayal of the sunflower was probably not.

What Does Sunflower Tattoo Mean?

If you are looking for a flower to represent your characteristics or trait in a tattoo, you have a lot to choose from. Some of the more popular floral tattoos include the rose, lilac, lily and carnation to name a few and all of them are packed full of meaning. However, we aren’t here today to talk about those symbols. Instead, you are here because you are wondering what the sunflower tattoo means and that is a good question. Knowing that all flowers have some sort of symbolism, if you are going to get the sunflower tattoo, it will be important to know what it means to have this tattoo. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)

Here's What a Sunflower Tattoo Really Means

Nature designs are among the most popular tattoos out there, with people getting everything from roses to trees to even animals permanently inked on their bodies. While flowers, in general, are a popular choice, sunflowers really stand out from the others people choose. And you might be tempted to get one yourself, just like Unexpected's Mckayla Adkins or singer-songwriter Kehlani. A sunflower symbolizes joy, wealth and prosperity. Even in ancient times people understood that their lives directly depended on the sun and the warmth which it gave to the earth. For this reason, they worshipped sunlight and built temples. Everything connected with the most important heavenly body had a positive meaning. Тhat is why a sunflower which even looks very similar to the sun, is symbolic of the sun. (Source: positivefox.com)

15 Best Sunflower Tattoo Designs With Meanings!

As a youngster, I’ve always been keen on tattoos. Tattoos wowed me, they surprised me, they made me curious and curio user. Tattoos are the modern form of body art prevalent mostly in the countries of the west. Though originally emerged as a pain full process, the art of tattoos has hit a new high. From the state of the art machines to modified mechanisms, tattoo in the present day is a booming industry with a blend of creativity and technique. Sunflower designs are also seen in veils. These designs cover a large portion of your body part. Art lovers love to cover beautiful sunflowers on their bodies. Veils of sunflower designs are seen with other characters too like small ladybugs or bees and leaves. Many girls love to have large designs like this. Veils in any kind of flower look adorable. Wherein with sunflowers, it is just mind-blowing. Because sunflowers are so bright in colours that it suits everyone’s eyes. This is one of the perfect sunflower tattoos for girls. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Miami Ink Tattoo:

Miami ink tattoos are well known around the world as really good tattoos so the best way to honour these great artists is to get the sunflower Miami ink tattoo that elaborates the meaning of the sunshine state that is Miami. You are my sunshine sunflower tattoo is very common on youngsters either girls or boys. It shows love and affection. It in a way it says you are always with me. And it is a lovely design to have it on our shoulder, hand or wrist. It is a popular sunflower tattoo for men. A colourful sunflower tattoo is so adorable. Girls choose to put on them their hands, back or side of their neck. It looks so delightful having beautiful colours in sunflowers. sunflowers are more seen in yellow that means the colour of sunshine, but colourful ones enhance more beauty to it. These designed sunflowers also are seen in multiples and with other characters such as nectar birds, butterflies, ladybugs, honey bees etc. It creates a cute impact on viewers eyes. (Source: stylesatlife.com)




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