Sternum Tattoo

Sternum Tattoo

What Do Sternum Tattoo Mean?

There is no real meaning to sternum tattoos. They can accentuate the area and make a bold impact when on the beach. You can choose a tattoo that has a lot of meaning to your or symbolize a special part of your life.

What Do I Wear When Getting My Sternum Tattoo?

Sternum Tattoos Are an Intimate Tattoo for Women. You Will Have to Be Topless, Which May Make You Feel Uncomfortable. You Won’t Be Able to Wear a Bra During or After the Appointment. It’s Recommended That You Wear Darker Colors for Your Appointment. The Ink Could Stain Lighter Colors. for This Same Reason, You Might Want to Use Darker Colored Sheets. (Source: Www.savedtattoo.com)Are Sternum Tattoos for Men or for Women? Sternum tattoos are generally more popular on females, but they can also look fantastic on male bodies. In fact, because men have a flatter chest area, the tattoo process is easier. Sternum tattoos on men can accentuate the pectoral muscles and bring definition to the chest. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

How Much Do Sternum Tattoos Cost?

The cost of sternum tattoo can vary wildly. There are a number of factors that dictate the price. It can cost more to get a sternum tattoo because the skin is thin, and they may have to work slowly and carefully. Get in touch with your tattoo artist to find out a price, every artist and studio will have their own price list.

Will Sternum Tattoos Stretch During Pregnancy?

Yes, pregnancy will affect a sternum tattoo as your skin stretches. Tattoo artists advise getting tattoos in areas like the sternum after having children. Because of where sternum tattoos are placed on women, under the breasts, the area will change as the area goes through pregnancy changes. A sternum tattoo could also be affected by age and weight gain. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

How Do I Look After My Sternum Tattoo?

Tattoo artists recommend going without a wrap of bandage after the first day. This will allow the skin to heal. Avoid soaking it directly after the tattoo sessions, this will delay the healing process. Keep the tattoo clean by washing it with fragrance-free soap and warm water. Always pat the area, never wipe it clean. Avoid abrasive items like sponge and washcloths.

Under Boob & Sternum Tattoos

Let’s talk about underboob tattoos, aka sternum tattoos. Often, when getting a tattoo, people consider the design first, but choosing the right placement for your body art is also just as important! If you’re stumbling across this page we’re going to boldly assume that you must have some sort of interest in under boob/sternum/chest/titty tattoos and are looking for some further information regarding them.

What Is an Under Boob Tattoo?

It might seem obvious that an underboob tattoo is any type of ink that goes on the chest and under the breast/s, but there are some variations to this tattoo placement that would also fall under the category. Often people choose to get ink up along the sternum, which is the area between your breasts, and sometimes the art will also extend down below and sort of cup the breasts. This is an increasingly popular placement for bold statement pieces. Other options include inking designs along the bottom and up the side of the breast, sometimes extending along the rib and under the arm, as well as getting ink simply under the breast. Essentially, any tattoo that is placed around the chest and breast area can be identified as an underboob tattoo. (Source: www.theinkfactory.ie)



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