Small Tattoos for Men

Small Tattoos for Men


Small Tattoos for Men

Small tattoos are not a girl’s thing anymore. When it comes to ink, size doesn’t matter, and small tattoos are the real proof that less is more. Sometimes a tiny tattoo can be more artistic and tasteful than a large tattoo. They can pack a ton of meanings in a tiny space. The Bigger the better, is more like an ego thing for men. You don’t have to get a full sleeve or big back tattoo to look trendy or badass, just because you are a guy. The small tattoos for men look as badass as the big tattoos.

How to Choose the Best Small but Meaningful Tattoos for Men?

If you are having trouble deciding what kind of tattoo to get, it might be helpful to make a list of all the things you feel strongly about. This can include your religion, a cause you support, a person you love dearly, a place, or a favorite quote from a book or a movie. Once your list is complete, ask yourself which of these things best describes you. Which one would you like to wear for the rest of your life? Although many people have a spontaneous approach to tattoos, getting one should by no means be treated lightly!

What Is the Symbolism Behind These Simple Tattoos With Meaning?

In the old days tattoos were something reserved for outcasts and misfits. Apart from sailors, bikers and prisoners, not many people dared to get one, let alone more. Therefore, classic tattoo designs were often rough and manly, signifying concepts such as bravery (lions, eagles), strength (pumas, sharks), and overcoming death (skulls). The more romantic tattoo aficianados got inked up with the names of their sweethearts or moms, while the superstitious chose motifs that were believed to have protective properties (anchors) and to ward off evil spirits (snakes, scorpions).

Why Go for Small Tattoos?

Small tattoos are for men who dislike the tattooing process, as well as the needle itself. You will enjoy a smaller tattoo.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Tattoo?

You can usually expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 for a less intricate tattoo, but of course, that price will rise the more detailed and labour intensive your tattoo design is. $200 to $500 is a reasonable range for a medium-sized tattoo, but for a large tattoo, you’re looking well beyond the $500 price point. Price will also depend on how premium the tattoo parlour you go to is. (Source: www.bosshunting.com.au)

Small tattoo pricing can range from the shop minimum of $50-$80 for the smallest designs – two square inches or less, to around $200 for an hour for more complex work.

What Does a 3 Triangle Tattoo Mean?

The 3 triangles tattoo is most often used to represent the Christian Trinity of the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. It’s most often done in a series of interlinked equilateral triangles.

How Painful Are Small Tattoos?

It is never really about the size of your tattoo, but is more-so about the placement. Smaller tattoos will take a lot less time to get, that’s for sure. You can expect to leave the shop in 1-2 hours, which is great news! However, if you end up placing your tattoo around an inconvenient spot, you will feel the pain, no matter its size! Try to avoid

Where Do You Put a Small Tattoo?

Small tattoos are truly the most versatile – they can literally go anywhere you have space to put some ink. However, if you’re just starting out on your tattoo journey but intend to get much bigger pieces, then it’s best to avoid prime spots like the back, shoulders, thighs, and chest.

There are a lot of places that small tattoos will look good on but your arms, hand, and forearms are definitely the best places to get that tattoo inked.

Ready to Get Your New Tattoo?

So, are you ready to get your new tattoo? Which one is your favorite from the list, and have you always been a fan of minimalistic and petite designs? Let us know your top-pick and your thoughts, we would love to know!


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