Small Rose Tattoo

Small Rose Tattoo

What Does a Rose Tattoo Symbolize?

The rose is an almost universal symbol for love in tattoos design. According to Aitken-Smith’s Tattoo Dictionary the flower further incorporates “symbolic interpretation of transformation, mysticism and illumination.” (Source:

What Does a Black Rose Symbolize?

Black rose tattoos are most often associated with grief, death, and mourning. Tattoos featuring black roses symbolize the loss of a loved one or important figure. Black roses remind the subject of their loss but also to carry the grief and memory of the person with them.

What Did Roses Symbolize Historically?

In the Roman Empire roses were a symbol to bloodshed and Mars, the god of war. When a soldier died in combat, roses were placed over their grave in an effort to carry their spirit into the heavens. It was believed that the aroma of roses lifted the dead towards both the gods, Venus and Mars.

Get Inspired by These Small Rose Tattoos!

Rose tattoos with a word worked into their stems are hugely popular right now. This means if you want your small rose tattoo to appear different, you should avoid this one. If you don’t mind being in good company, it could be a great option for you! (Source:

23 Chic Small Rose Tattoos for Some

Roses are one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. A rose can symbolize love, hope and more. It’s not just the actual rose that has special meanings, but also the colors. A red rose can represent love, pink can be for gratitude, yellow for joy and there are even black roses that can be a symbol of grief or even rebellion. With that said, every rose is different and every piece of rose body art is unique. If you are thinking about choosing a rose tattoo design, then this is the place to be. We have found 23 beautiful and small rose tattoos. Small tattoos are great for just adding to your tattoo collection or for those who want subtler body art. So, take a look and see which stunning rose is perfect for you.

What Does a Rose Symbolize?

Roses can symbolize loads of different things. However, make sure to look at their primary color. Red roses usually symbolize love and romance, while pink roses symbolize gratitude and joy. Black roses, on the other hand, will show your love for someone who has passed away. Also, the more, the merrier! If there are several roses or petals tattooed over your body they will show your love for more people.

Why Get a Rose With Name Tattoo?

This specific rose tattoo idea is perfect for couples, or married men and women. You will show your love and passion for one another with this tattoo ideas. You can also go for this design if you love your siblings, parents, or your friends! Just make sure that your chosen color matches your intentions and your overall mood.

Ready for Your Next Rose Tattoo?

Were you able to find your perfect rose tattoo with a name? Which one design has captured your attention? Let us know your tip-choice when it comes to these 21 unique options, and also make sure to let us know which name you plan on placing next to your red rose! (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

61 Small Rose Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

Rose tattoos are very lovely to look at. Roses come in a variety of colors such as red, white, pink, yellow, black, blue and others. Each of these colors carries its own meaning. The most popular color of roses is red which symbolizes love, romance, and happiness. White represents purity, pink is for desire while black is for death and sadness. Rose serves its own purpose. It can create memories in our mind. That is why a lot of people choose rose tattoos in memory of their loved ones. (Source:



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