shark tattoo small

shark tattoo small


shark tattoo

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Select expedited for faster delivery 6 sheets x 5 = 30 shark tattoos Each shark tattoo is 1.75 - 2.25 inches wide (except 3.5" whale shark!) Click "Premium" above for other awesome tats like Dolphins, Whales & Sea Creatures.. (Source: www.amazon.com)

Choose expedited shipping for faster delivery with tracking. Each order = 6 sheets (30 premium temporary tattoos) featuring 5 real sharks (whale shark, great white, hammerhead, thresher and basking). Premium quality, rich colors last for days (depends on your skin). These are applied with water and are waterproof. Each tattoo is 1.75 - 2.25 inches wide except 3.5" whale shark. Don't waste your money on small, poor quality tattoos that don't stick to your skin or only last an hour! Great for children's shark party favors, stocking stuffers, halloween costumes etc. Click "PremiumTT Temporary Tattoos" above to find all our other awesome tattoo products such as Dolphins, Sea Creatures, Whales, Fishing, & Zoo Animals! (Source: www.amazon.com)

Sharks have quite specific symbolism within Polynesian culture. The hammerhead in particular, was revered as a type of guardian that would protect people in the ocean from man eating sharks and shark teeth themselves (“niho mano”) and was representative of many things including power, protection, guidance and adaptability. These ideals seeped into the rich Polynesian tattoo culture, where many designs would feature the animal. Upon the expedition of Captain James’ Cook, along with many other tattoo inspirations, this was adopted and westernised through Traditional tattoos. (Source: www.cloakanddaggerlondon.co.uk)

Sharks are constantly on the move and never rest, signifying a “keep moving forward” attitude, they are top of the food chain within the ocean. Sharks have no natural predators (much like the lion as being “king” of the jungle) and tattoos of them can represent a unwillingness to be victimised or intimidated by others. As an animal they are quite emotionless and steely yet always seemingly maintain their sense of calm and determination. These could all be reasons for somebody choosing this iconic traditional design, which was first worn by men at sea. (Source: www.cloakanddaggerlondon.co.uk)

The connection between sharks and sailors cannot be understated, with many believing shark tattoos acted as a talisman to protect them from the dangers of the ocean. (Source: www.cloakanddaggerlondon.co.uk) When it comes to the design, sailors were quite particular with how they wanted their tattoos to look, with some opting to have just one. Others,


outsons.com)If you are a tattoo lover and are on the hunt for your next tattoo, then you are in the right place! In today’s article, we will be talking about shark tattoos and everything you need to know about them. So if you want to find out how to spice up your tattoo game with amazing Shark Tattoo designs, keep on reading! (Source:

In case you aren’t a fan of realistic shark tattoos, then this cartoon shark is for you! Shark tattoos that are done in a cartoonish way can look quite creative, cool and unique. You can add a lot of color to your shark tattoo to make it more prominent. Tattoo designs like this one can be used as body art and to express yourself. There is no doubt in our mind that you are going to rock this shark tattoo! (Source: outsons.com outsons.com))A shark sleeve tattoo is the perfect tattoo design to represent a shark attack. The bigger the shark tattoo, the scarier it will look. You can do it in a traditional tattoo design and it is going to look super powerful. You can decide whether you want to do it as a tiger shark tattoo, a pool shark tattoo or even an aumakua shark tattoo! Whatever you decide, we are positive you will love it! (Source:

outsons.com)Hammerhead shark tattoo designs like this one are going to leave everyone around you speechless at how stunning this tattoo is! The geometric elements make this one of the more unique shark tattoo ideas! You can also do this as a shark tattoo outline and anywhere on your body. With an amazing shark tattoo like this one, all compliments will be coming your way! (Source:

Shark tattoos are one of those tattoo designs that you might not see many people wearing. Still, they are meaningful, artistic and can be super cool. You can do them in so many ways and styles. Hopefully, you liked today’s article and will be trying one of these tattoos very soon! (Source: outsons.com) Traditional / Stylish Shark Tattoos Great tiger shark tattoo! By Korzan Land on Flickr Good Tiger Shark Tattoo. The dual


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