Scorpion Tattoo:

Scorpion Tattoo:


Scorpion Tattoo:

Meaningful Scorpion Tattoo Designs!

Tattoo these days represents a fashionable yet up to date personality of a person!! They not only enhance the beauty of the body but this body art also reflects the personality of an individual in a very unique way. And if you are planning to get inked with a SCORPION tattoo then make sure you know everything before as a scorpion is a ferocious and deathly arthropod whose one diabolical sting can end your life in a short span of time with hours of suffering that is hard to bear. It thus looks daunting and when you get tattooed with this deadly creature on your skin; be prepared to face the world differently.

Meaning and Significance of Scorpion Tattoos:

Scorpions are also famous as fearsome insects. It is also linked to numerous ancient cultures and religions. For Egyptians, this insect is linked with goddess Selket, the guardian of transitioning souls. As per the Mayans, it is a symbolic representation of medicine and surgery. However, the Africans believe the scorpion venom has immense healing powers. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo with this uncommon mortal, be prepared to flaunt your personality with a unique and eye-catching design. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Black Scorpion Tattoo for Girls on Leg:

This scorpion tattoo design signifies the love, passion and admiration of the women. This scorpion tattoo for the mothers marks their deep love for their children, while for other girls its shows passion towards their family and lovers and admiration towards their friends. The scorpion tattoo can be made using dark black colour or red colour according to the size and place where it is to be made. The women widely apply this tattoo on their legs, back, waist and hands. They also decorate this tattoo with hearts and flowers, which also symbolize deep love.

the Fighting Scorpion Tattoos on Sleeves:

This kind of scorpion tattoo represents the fighting spirit of the person. This tattoo is also known as the tribal scorpion tattoo. This tattoo is inspired by the tribal caste. The design of the tail in this scorpion tattoo symbolizes the preparation of the person to face any situation with utmost strength. This tattoo is widely seen in different parts of South Asia and Africa. Also, the people residing in the desert region use this tattoo as most tribal castes used to reside there. This scorpion tattoo design is widely made by men. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Amazing Short Hand Scorpion Tattoos:

The small hand tattoos symbolize the boldness of the person. It also signifies motivation and inspiration. The power of healing is also associated with this kind of scorpion tattoo design. This scorpion tattoo design can be applied by both men and women. They are the source of motivation to many and also inspire others with their bold personality. It also looks more attractive when used with different colours. The shading done in this particular tattoo adds to its attraction for men. (Source:

Skull and Scorpion Tattoo for Men:

A scorpion crawling out of the eye socket of a skull is an excellent design for a tattoo! By shading it appropriately, you can give it a realistic look, which makes it even more daunting! You can add other embellishments to the design like a cigarette or a bottle of alcohol. This scorpion design represents death. The people of Egypt believe that the dead are reborn as half scorpion and half-human. This tattoo gives a glance at that message. (Source:



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