Scorpio Tattoo

Scorpio Tattoo


Scorpio Tattoo

Designs and Meanings

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of all those people who were born between October 24 and November 22. This sun sign is represented by a scorpion. Many people with this zodiac sign get Scorpios as their tattoos. Scorpions are loyal, observant and can be very possessive or jealous.

1. Scorpio Symbol With a Scorpion:

A scorpion with a Scorpio symbol looks excellent. The symbol makes it evident that the Scorpion stands as a representative of the zodiac sign and the scorpion gives the plain old symbol a more daunting and awe-inspiring look. You can make the Scorpion realistic or choose a tribal design instead. You can even add the word Scorpio to make the meaning even more clear.

2. Scorpio Kanji Tattoo Design on Lower Back:

Kanji is the Japanese form of lettering. Kanji characters look beautiful though they can be read by only a few. A scorpion with kanji lettering alongside it looks accurately enigmatic and mysterious. The lettering can read Scorpion thus making the tattoo’s meaning more evident! You can add other elements like a girl’s silhouette woven into the Scorpio, thus adding to the design’s enigmatic look.

3. Scorpion With the Word Scorpio Tattoo for Women:

A realistic looking Scorpion with the word Scorpio beside it looks really good. The word makes it evident that the scorpion is referring to the Zodiac sign. You can make it more interesting by adding colour or other embellishments or you may even choose to keep it just a simple scary old scorpion with the word written alongside.

4. Small Scorpio Symbol Tattoo for Girls:

The simplest tattoo design of all is to get the Scorpio symbol. You can make it complicated and elaborate by adding other details or floral patterns and colour. Either way, it serves its purpose well. While the former looks more sophisticated and elegant the latter has a prettier look.

5. Coy Looking Tattoo of Scorpio Sign Symbol:

There are several modifications that can be made to the typical Scorpio symbol. An innovative idea is to curl up its end like a devil’s tail, adding a bow and making the tip a heart. Keep the entire symbol black except the bow which is red. Overall it looks cute and coy rather than beautiful and mature.

Meaning and Significance of Scorpion Tattoos:

Scorpions are also famous as fearsome insects. It is also linked to numerous ancient cultures and religions. For Egyptians, this insect is linked with goddess Selket, the guardian of transitioning souls. As per the Mayans, it is a symbolic representation of medicine and surgery. However, the Africans believe the scorpion venom has immense healing powers. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo with this uncommon mortal, be prepared to flaunt your personality with a unique and eye-catching design.

Scorpion Tattoo Meanings

If you’re looking for a tattoo idea that is both universally recognizable while not being cliche, full of attitude and power, look no further. The scorpion tattoo is not incredibly common, but it does have its popularity among certain tattoo enthusiasts, especially men. The tattoo, like with most tattoos taken from the natural world, tends to carry the same associations as the animal that it depicts, the scorpion, which is known for being deadly and fierce. However, it can also bear other meanings, as well, such as its association with the Scorpio zodiac sign. However you choose to view a scorpion tattoo, it is certainly a strong image.

What Works Well With Scorpion Tattoos?

Because scorpions are so tough and roses so beautiful, these pair well together in a single tattoo as contrasting symbols. They also work well together as two symbols of things not being judged by their appearances, as scorpions are intimidating despite their small size and roses can give a painful sting despite their delicate beauty. Both are best admired from afar. Getting a scorpion and rose tattoo might be a way to tell the outside world that you’re complex, that you’re not to be judged, and that people should be careful of getting too close to you. (Source: customtattoodesign.ca)


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