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Scar Tattoo:


Scar Tattoo:

Do Scar-Covering Tattoos Hurt (more)?

Pain tolerance varies from one person to the other. So, to say that a scar-covering tattoo will hurt everybody the same would be a lie. For example, if you’ve already had tattoos, sure, the pain would be tolerable since you already know what to expect. But, if a scar-covering tattoo is your first tattoo, then you can expect some serious pain.

What Are Skin Colored Scar Tattoos?

Now, some scar-covering tattoos don’t have to be actual tattoo designs. Some people go for flesh- or skin-colored tattoos known as scar camouflage or corrective pigment camouflage. These tattoos are done using the pointillism technique where skin-colored ink is deposited into the scar tissue and correcting or lightening the scar pigmentation. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)


This article is about the body modification method. For the process used to encourage germination in plants, see Scarification (botany). For the Gotham episode, see Scarification (Gotham). For the technique for preparing the soil for seedbeds in forestry, see silviculture.

What Is Medical Tattooing?

Medical tattooing for skin and scar camouflage is a type of cosmetic tattoo treatment that uses a variety of flesh tone pigments to disguise a scar or an area of the skin that is missing its natural color. The specialists who perform all medical tattoo procedures must understand the science behind pigments, the physiology of the human skin, and have an artist’s eye for matching skin tones. Medical tattooing may be called paramedical tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, medical or paramedical micropigmentation, semi-permanent or permanent makeup. (Source:

Will Medical Tattooing Work for Me?

Not all conditions and skin types will benefit from medical tattooing. If your skin imperfection is related to port wine stains, birthmarks, spider veins, freckles, age spots, under-eye hyperpigmentation, or unstable vitiligo, our team may be able to recommend an alternative treatment. You might be an excellent candidate for medical tattooing.

Tattoo Artist Helps People Regain Confidence by Covering Their Scars With Art

All bodies are beautiful, but people living with visible scars often struggle to feel confident. In a bid to help women who have burns, scars, and other blemishes on their skin, a Vietnamese tattoo artist known as Ngoc Like Tattoo conceals unwanted marks with body art. The talented artist’s cover-up tattoos not only look beautiful, but they help her clients regain confidence.

Once the Tattoo Is Gone, It's Gone Forever. If You Don't Like Your Tattoo, It's a Worthwhile Expense.

For many practices, the minimum treatment session price for an extra-small tattoo is somewhere in the $75 - $125 range. Any price in this range is considered a normal minimum price for a single treatment. By having the minimum price stated, it allows patients to have a rough idea of the expected cost before they come into your clinic for their consultation. (Source: info.astanzalaser.com)


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