Samoan Tattoo

Samoan Tattoo

What Is a Pe’a Samoan Tattoo

Tattoos have become so ubiquitous that we don’t bat an eye at people with fingers adorned with black ink, full sleeves, or even neck tattoos. It’s significantly rarer, however, to see someone whose entire lower half is covered in ink. Ironically, this much less common sight is among the oldest and most traditional forms of tattooing in the world. The Pe’a is the name of the traditional Samoan male tattoo, covering the whole body from the waist to the knees, and its origins are rooted in Samoan mythology. This Samoan “tatau” is more than just an aesthetic complement to the body — it signifies courage and serves as a symbol of manhood, a rite of passage both beautiful and painful. (Source: matadornetwork.com)

If You Visit Samoa, You Will Notice the Traditional Tattoos Many Local Men and Women Sport. in Contrast to Some Western Cultures Where a Tattoo Is a Personal Fashion Decision, to Commemorate an Individual Milestone or Loss of a Loved One, the Samoan Tatau or Tattoos Are Part of a Tradition That Goes Back Thousands of Years.

While not everyone does it, it is common at a certain age to get a Samoan leg tattoo. Being tattooed often symbolises a rite of passage as well as inner strength and resilience. Tatau are like treasure which empowers the wearer every day and indicates that respect has been earned. Samoan’s wear them with extreme pride as it is a beautiful part of traditional culture. (Source: www.samoa.travel)

Best Samoan Tattoo Designs and Meanings!

The most commonly used Polynesian word in the English language is the tattoo. When and how the word ‘tattoo’ came to be used is the topic of many debates, but there is no doubt that it is a modification of the Polynesian word ‘Tatua’. Thus, Samoan tattoos are, in fact, the original kind of tattoos. Their designs have a typically tribal look, and they are always black and not coloured. Yet, they always manage to look exquisite and complicated.

Samoan Floral Tattoo Designs on Arm:

Floral designs give us many options to choose from, even when we are talking about tribal or Samoan tattoos. It is unnecessary to get a rose inked on your body because you want a floral pattern. If you take a closer look at this Samoan tattoo, you will find a hibiscus with band Samoan elaborations on both sides of it to cover the top portion of the forearm beautifully. The typical Samoan patterns look very smart and graphical, and it is a cool one for both men and women. (Source: stylesatlife.com)



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