Sacred Heart Tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoo

These Sacred Heart Tattoos Display a Beautiful Love and Devotion.

Sacred hearts are easily one of the most iconic and beloved Christian symbols, commonly depicted in paintings, sculptures, stained-glass windows, jewelry, and tattoos. To followers of Catholic and Christian faiths, the symbol of the sacred heart is a powerful emblem of Christ’s enduring love for humanity, despite the suffering of the past and present. (Source: www.tattoodo.com)

What Is the Meaning of a Sacred Heart Tattoo?

While a sacred heart tattoos meaning is entirely up to the wearer, most people who adopt this symbol in tattoo form are using it to commemorate a connection to Christ or Mary. The flame emerging from the sacred heart tattoo symbolizes the eternal and undying love of Christ towards humanity while the thorns, swords, and blood symbolize the inevitable pain and suffering from Christ’s earthly existence.

Why Do People Get a Sacred Heart Tattoo?

Many people get a Sacred Heart tattoo because they want to show their love and devotion to their religious faith in a permanent way. However, because the Sacred Heart design is so iconic, many people choose to get this design tattooed on them simply because it is beautiful. There is also the fact that Sacred Heart tattoo designs incorporate many of peoples favorite motifs in one perfect image: roses, swords, fire, and hearts are all full of meaning that empowers a lot of people. Remember, getting a tattoo is a very personal thing, but it doesn't necessarily have to have meaning. Sacred Heart tattoos are a perfect example of that: whether you're religious or not, this tattoo is a great looking piece. (Source:

Can You Get a Sacred Heart Tattoo If You’re Not Religious?

You can definitely get a Sacred Heart tattoo if you’re not religious. If you're like us, you may have grown up in a Christian hippy commune where people spoke in tongues, believed in prophecies, and prayed on their knees every single night. And although the power of Christ no longer compels us, we can still really appreciate the beauty of religious icons...especially that of the Catholic persuasion. Some of these Sacred Heart tattoo designs definitely carry the bold imagery that hits home, but there's tons of other art that depicts the same aesthetic. Think about it: a whole lotta Catholic imagery involves brutal forms of torture, or super strange happenings like Stigmata.

What Does Sacred Heart Tattoo Mean?

In terms of religious tattoos, Christianity has a plethora of symbols that are used to represent the faith in a tattoo. Because the religion is so old, the symbols of the religion are old as well and therefore, have a great deal of meaning and history behind them. That is part of what we will be talking about today. One specific symbol is the sacred heart and this symbol is one of the most tattooed images in the Christian faith. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)



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