Realistic Tattoo

Realistic Tattoo

What Are Realism Tattoos?

Realism (or photorealism style) tattoos are designs meant to look as convincing as a photographed image.

How Much Are Realistic Tattoos?

The average rate for an experienced professional tattooist at a notable tattoo parlor is around $150 per hour. You’re unlikely to choose a talented beginner or apprentice for realism or portrait tattoo work, even if they might eventually be superstars one day. (Source:

101 Realistic Tattoos Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Not that many people dare to get realistic tattoos. Realism is pretty hard to do, and some ideas can’t be brought to life. If you are a fan of art, real-like ink, and you have a specific style of tattoos that you prefer, you will love this article! However, make sure you have a trustworthy tattoo artist before you place anything similar on your body! (Source: outsons.com)

Do Realistic Tattoos Age Well?

Do you have someone’s photograph that you’d like to tattoo? Realism tattoos look great once you get them, but they do wear off and fade meanwhile. Saturation, as well as the shading, will change, which may have an impact on how you see realism tattoo designs. Some people also have to redo their tattoos as they age. (Source:

Best Realistic Tattoo Artists on Instagra

Choosing what symbol you want on your tattoo can be quite difficult, especially when you have a lot of things to choose from. Some people are fans of a cartoonish and more abstract symbolism in the ink, while others prefer some realism, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

How to Design a Realism Tattoo

Do you have a special photo that you want to keep with you forever in a personal and meaningful way? Then you might be in the market for a Realism tattoo. Realism is a highly specialized tattoo and artistic style, so it’s essential to find a tattoo artist who has skill with this particular kind of tattooing before making any moves. We looked into Realism to find out where it came from, how to get tattoo ideas for this style, and what some of the most commonly requested Realism tattoos are. Read on to find out more about this alluring tattoo style. (Source: customtattoodesign.ca)

What Is Realism?

Realism isn’t just a tattoo style, it’s a style of art which stems from the Realism Art Movement of the 1850s. This artistic movement started in France, and was meant to protest the romanticism of high-end subject matter that was all the rage during the Romantic period, the previous artistic era. The focus of Realism was to showcase the beauty in ordinary, everyday items and people, showing the truth and authenticity of the basic subject matter in an artistic way. As a tattoo style, Realism is one that will never just be a fad. There’s a ton of depth and detail in a Realism tattoo design, the designs are based on real-life people and places, and it’s not a skill set that every tattoo artist possess, so it’s important to find a tattooist who’s experienced with this style. (Source: customtattoodesign.ca)



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