raven tattoo design

raven tattoo design

Raven tattoo

tattoo parlors and tattoo shops employ people who use a variety of training methods to be what we call "tattoo artists". These are people who create tattoos on people’s skin without using needles, or people who use needles and ink brushes to create tattoos on people’s skin, using a variety of designs.


Raven tattoos are popular tattoo design in category of birds. It also known as crow but raven is deeply symbolic and usually quite meaningful to the wearer. Raven is a symbol of darkness, mystery and death. Raven is the only bird which represent both the positive and negative meanings. Many ancient cultures believed that the raven was a magical creature that carried powerful secrets and people decide to use the raven tattoo to represent the fact that they can keep a secret. Native Americans believed that the raven brought light to the earth and was a symbol of balance. Many people get confused between raven tattoos and hawk or eagle tattoos. Ravens are not as strong as hawks or eagles. Raven tattoo can be a great symbol of wisdom, death, intelligence, mysteryknowledge and protection to the wearer and the Celtic raven tattoo represents protection, magic, and prophecy. It is a tattoo that can represent either one or multiple things all at once. Raven tattoos comes in different designs and size. These tattoos are mostly in black dark color and large in size. You can wear these tattoos on shoulder, back shoulder, leg, arm and full back.

This article gives you access to quite a wide variety of raven tattoo designs that you can choose from with the various meanings of the tattoo well stipulated. We are introducing you to the amazing theme of raven tattoos that that you can choose from. Also, we will try to explain the meanings of most common designs of raven tattoos which will help you to create different connections with these tattoos in a better way. (Source: www.tattooeasily.com)


If you are looking for a new tattoo idea then why not try out a raven tattoo on for size! These are some pretty amazing tattoos and anyone would love them. If you are looking for something unique, then you can’t go wrong with the raven tattoo. This is a unisex tattoo, both men and women have taken them and run with the awesome idea. The great thing about the raven tattoo is that you can add other things to it in order to give the tattoo a greater meaning.

A fantastic ink art idea to for a sleeved tattoo. The raven most often illustrated solo, has company in this piece. It is an enchanting piece of art which leads viewer to a night out into the forest with a cluster of ravens earning freedom. It still feels cold but liberating to enjoy freedom. The contrast of the black flock of birds in the middle with the cage right above in soft skin tone gives more emphasis on the birds. (Source: nextluxury.com)



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