Raven Tattoo:

Raven Tattoo:

Raven tattoo is very common in all the tattoo styles for quite some time now. This black bird has been associated with many traits, characteristics and myths throughout history, so as a symbol it was able to provide prolific creative interpretations for each individual. 

What Does a Black Raven Symbolize?

A black raven represents the good and the bad in us like the yin and yang. Just because this magnificent creature has been used several times over to represent death, darkness and destruction in horror movies and stories, this is not so in other forms of discipline. The raven is a symbol of rebirth, recovery, renewal recycling reflection and healing. It also embodies wisdom and intelligence, prophecy, mysticism and mystery. (Source: 

72+ Raven Tattoos Meaning and Designs

Raven tattoos are popular tattoo design in category of birds. It also known as crow but raven is deeply symbolic and usually quite meaningful to the wearer. Raven is a symbol of darkness, mystery and death. Raven is the only bird which represent both the positive and negative meanings. Many ancient cultures believed that the raven was a magical creature that carried powerful secrets and people decide to use the raven tattoo to represent the fact that they can keep a secret. Native Americans believed that the raven brought light to the earth and was a symbol of balance. Many people get confused between raven tattoos and hawk or eagle tattoos. Ravens are not as strong as hawks or eagles. Raven tattoo can be a great symbol of wisdom, death, intelligence, mysteryknowledge and protection to the wearer and the Celtic raven tattoo represents protection, magic, and prophecy. It is a tattoo that can represent either one or multiple things all at once. Raven tattoos comes in different designs and size. These tattoos are mostly in black dark color and large in size. You can wear these tattoos on shoulder, back shoulder, leg, arm and full back.


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