Praying Hands Tattoo:

Praying Hands Tattoo:

Top 9 Cool and Stylish Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

Praying hands tattoo was first designed by a German artist Albrecht Durer. He discovered this art by getting inspired from his brother. Later it becomes very famous all over as a tattoo.

At first glance, a tattoo of praying hands might sound simple, but it’s anything but. Many people choose to include pictures of doves, roses, or rosary beads alongside the praying hands. Others tattoo the names of family members and loved ones next to the praying hands. It’s also common for some to get tattoos that have Bible verses and other religious imagery to accompany the praying hands. Finally, some people simply choose to make their praying hands tattoo as large as possible so that anyone who comes int contact with them will surely see it.

Jesus Praying Hands Tattoo:

Here is a large tattoo portraying Angel Jesus praying hands. These kinds of tattoos are mostly liked by men and are taken on the shoulders and back. It is a religious dedicating tattoo. This one was specially designed by perfect tattoo artists, In this design, emotions need to cover overall while tattooing.

What Does Praying Hands Tattoo Mean?

Praying hands tattoos are Christian tattoos that are both beautiful and meaningful to their owners. Most of these tattoos have two hands pushed together as if in prayer, allowing those who see the designs to know that the owners are proud of their religion and pray often. If you are thinking about getting a praying hands tattoo or just want to learn more about it, take a look at the information below. (Source:

Are you religious? Or maybe a little spiritual? If you are one of the pious people out there, the praying hands tattoo would be an ideal representation of your personality and faith. Although it symbolizes religious belief and spirituality, it does not represent any particular faith. The tattoo is actually a representation of two hands together which is a universal symbol of prayer. However, the addition of a cross or a rosary makes it a religious tattoo that is associated with Catholicism and Christianity. These tattoos have been ordained in remembrance more often than not and although once popular among men, the praying hands tattoos are now inked on women as well. 


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