Post Malone Face Tattoo

Post Malone Face Tattoo

At the very moment when Posty was speaking truth to power, his jawline disappeared. The artist then replaced the jawline with a gauntlet from the Middle Ages, to signify the theme of the tattoo.

He Has a Tattoo of the Late Rapper Lil Peep on His Arm.

He showed off his first hand tattoo during his interview with GQ, explaining that it shows Saint Jude, one of Jesus' 12 apostles according to the Catholic religion, lifting his robe to reveal a skeleton beneath it. (Source: www.insider.com)

Inspired by the Cover Art on Megadeth's 1988 Album, He Has the Words "so Far, so Good... so What!" on His Arm.

When a Twitter user asked Malone to share a full view of the words on his arm, he responded by sharing the cover of the heavy metal band Megadeth's 1988 album "So Far, So Good... So What!"

He Has a Portrait of Johnny Cash, One of His Favorite Country Artists, on His Arm.

Malone cited the late "Hurt" singer as one of his favorite country artists during an interview with Vice, adding that he grew up listening to classic country.

A Nod to His Home State, Malone Has a Skull Filled in With the Texas Flag's Design.

The musician's family moved to Texas when he was around 10 years old, after his father, Rich Post, was offered a job with the Dallas Cowboys.

"lord of the Rings" Character Sauron Is on His Elbow, but the Tattoo Isn't Finished Yet.

Though it may look like two black dots from a distance, Malone confirmed that he has "Lord of the Rings" character Sauron tattooed on his elbow during an interview with GQ. The ink just isn't finished yet. (Source: www.insider.com)

Because He's a Massive Fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Malone Got a Tattoo of the Team's Signature Helmet.

Malone moved from New York to Texas after his father got a job with the Dallas Cowboys and quickly became a major fan of the NFL team.

"stoney," the Name of His 2016 Studio Album, Is Written Under His Chin, Though the Tattoo Is Obscured by His Beard.

"Stoney" was his debut studio album. The 18-track project was met with mixed critical reviews after the release of his single "White Iverson." (Source: www.insider.com)



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