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Pin up Girl Tattoo Designs: Best 75 Ideas That Will Rock Your World!

Pin up tattoo designs are some of the best examples of elegance and style. You’ll never get the opportunity to see a bad pin up tattoo design, because they’re simply awesome! Their colors, their styles, their symbolistic, all of them are simply unique. The symbolistic of “pin-up” comes from the fact that in the past, some girls were so beautiful and pretty that you couldn’t hold yourself up from pinning them up on a wall through a picture frame.

Inspired by Vintage Masters Such As Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, Pin-up Tattoo Designs Are Ultra Iconic.

Since tattooing’s early introduction to the Western world, pin-up girls have been an enduring and classic selection for permanent body art. Combining feminine beauty with elements of strength, patriotism, and sex appeal, pin-up girl tattoos can work to symbolize an array of sentiments while remaining beautiful and enticing. (Source: www.tattoodo.com)

Where Do Pin up Tattoos Come From?

Pin-up tattoos were first popularized in the 1930s by historic Traditional style artists like Sailor Jerry. To remind them of home and bring them luck, many soldiers and sailors chose to get pin-up style tattoos, creating a popular trend nationwide. The original Sailor Jerry pin-up girl was depicted with bold lines, patriotic accents, and sexy curve-hugging outfits. This bright and bold vintage style pin-up tattoo is still popular today among body art enthusiasts, serving as a testament to the staying power of classic Traditional motifs.

Why Do Guys Get Pin up Tattoos?

Pin-up girl tattoos have remained popular among men for well over a century, thanks to their enduring allure and classic Americana appeal. Many men choose to get pin up tattoos today to celebrate patriotic themes, express a love for the feminine form, or pay homage to Traditional tattooing’s early roots. In the 19th century, during tattooing’s introduction to the western world, it was predominantly men deciding to tattoo pin-up girls as permanent art, but as time has progressed both genders have expressed a love for these classic and stunning tattoos. (Source: www.tattoodo.com)

Pinup Girl Tattoo Meanings

As one of the most explicit expressions of femininity and beauty, pin up girl tattoo designs have generated a lot of interest and controversy. They originated in World War II era, when men from the Navy and Armed Forces went abroad. The name ‘pin up’ came from the idea that men would pin photos or posters of these seductive women on their walls to gaze upon, in months spent apart from real life women. Below, we’ve put together a pin up tattoo design dictionary, spelling out the history behind some of these pretty faces.


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