Phoenix Tattoo:

Phoenix Tattoo:

Phoenix Tattoo:

What Is a Phoenix?

Phoenix is a mythical bird. According to ancient writings, it lived for 1400 years as per mythological beliefs. But it, not the only fascinating thing, the bird is believed to regenerate into a new life after combusting in flames to death. If we also look into medieval literature, we can discover Phoenix being mentioned numerous times in the Arabian desert.

88 Mind-Blowing Phoenix Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women!

Phoenix tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoo ideas, which also holds incredible history and meaning. The Phoenix is a lovely name of a beautiful bird that has lived for 1400 years. This bird has such a beautiful mythical story that people love to tattoo is worldwide. Are you also fascinated by the beauty of this bird but not sure of what meanings it holds? If yes, you have stopped on the right page. You will find out every detail here, along with tattoo ideas, meanings, average cost, maintenance idea, and mainly photo gallery. Read more! (Source: www.stepinsidedesign.com)

What Is the Origin and History of Phoenix Tattoo?

There are various stories or myths about Phoenix. The stories or legends might vary from one mythology to another. In Greek mythology, the Phoenix has a crest of a feather on the head. It is also believed to be quite similar to a rooster. Ezekiel & Herodotus have mentioned Phoenix to have red legs and yellow eyes. But Lactantius believed Phoenix to have blue eyes. There is a lot of description of this beautiful bird, but nobody can tell you which one is the real definition.

Does It Look Better Without Color or With Multi Colors?

Of course, getting a colorful bird as a tattoo is better than a simpler black one. Few tattoos look better with colors and weird without them. Phoenix is something that might seem strange in the outlines and no colors. But sometimes getting unusual colors or too many colors can also make it look different and people might mistake it for peacock or something different.

What Is the Average Cost of Getting Phoenix Tattoo?

Phoenix tattoo looks perfect in colossal size. It does not mean one cannot compress or squeeze it to a small scale, but in no small extent, the tattoo looks more incredible. Moreover, it is one of the detailed birds you can imagine. It also is worn with a lot of color options. So basically, wearing a considerable bird tattoo with multiple colors can be costly. (Source: www.stepinsidedesign.com)


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