Pete Davidson Tattoos:

Pete Davidson Tattoos:

Pete Davidson Tattoos:

Did King of Staten Island's Opening Scene Really Happen?

When we first see Scott (Davidson), he's driving without a seatbelt and with his eyes closed. The horrifying moment, which nearly ends with Scott crashing, is based on something Davidson used to really do. "That's true. I used to do that," Davidson, who has been open about his issues with his mental health, said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. "That's horrible to say, but yeah, I used to close my eyes on a closed road usually at night and I would drive without a seatbelt." (Source: www.refinery29.com)

Does Pete Davidson Really Live With His Mom?

Like Scott, Davidson still lives with his mom. In fact, those who watched SNL At Home got a glimpse of his bachelor pad. Those bits were filmed by his roommate, who also happens to be his mom, Amy Davidson, in his basement apartment on, where else, Staten Island. (Source: www.refinery29.com)

Does Pete Have a Tattoo for His Dad?

Early on in the film, Scott reveals he has an arm tattoo of the date his father died, which ends up being the butt of his friends' jokes. In real life, Davidson has multiples tattoos in honor of his late dad including one of his badge number "8418" and his fireman's helmet. (Source:

Was Pete Davidson's First Tattoo Kermit the Frog?

In the film, Scott's mom Margie, played by Marisa Coma, says his first tattoo was of Kermit the Frog smoking a joint. He got it when he was 16. “I don’t remember that episode of Sesame Street,” her boyfriend Ray (Bill Burr) jokes.

Is Pete Davidson's Mom Dating a Firefighter?

Scott's journey to adulthood comes as his mom also finds herself in a relationship for the first time since her husband died. The idea for Margie to date a firefighter was something Davidson made up for the movie. “Pete’s mom never dated again [following the death of her husband]. That was a central idea of the movie,” Davidson's co-writer and friend, Dave Sirus, told The New York Post.

Grande's First Tattoo Is the Outline of a Heart on Her Toe.

Grande tattooed the outline of a heart on her toe in 2012 while recording a duet with 8ky, who got a matching tattoo. (Source: www.insider.com)

Two Years Later, Grande Got the Phrase "mile Tennessee" Inked on the Back of Her Neck.

"Mile tendresse" is French for "one thousand tendernesses." The phrase appears in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," starring Audrey Hepburn, which Grande has cited as her "all time favorite" movie. (Source:

She Has the Word "Bellissima" on Her Rib Cage.

According to the fan-edited Ariana Grande Wiki, Grande's late grandfather would often call her "Bellissima." It's the feminine word for "beautiful" in Italian.

One of Her Most Famous Tattoos Is the Crescent Moon on Her Neck.

Grande got this tattoo before anyone knew about her third studio album, which was originally meant to be called "Moonlight." The album, now called "Dangerous Woman," still contains a track with that name. (Source: www.insider.com)

Grande Has the Word "honeymoon" on Her Right-Hand Middle Finger.

Fans first noticed this tattoo when Grande was on "The Honeymoon Tour" in support of her sophomore studio album, "My Everything." Grande has a song called "Honeymoon Avenue" on her first album. (Source: www.insider.com)

Her Right-Hand Ring Finger Bears a Hebrew Phrase.

In Kabbalah, the significance of the Hebrew name אלד is "guarding and protecting" from "the evil eye and from envy." (Source: www.insider.com)

In the Summer of 2015, Grande and Her Then-Boyfriend Ricky Alvarez Got "hi" Inked on Their Toes — but It's Since Been Covered.

Grande and her then-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez posted photos of their matching "hi" tattoos on Grande's Snapchat in June 2015. (Source: www.insider.com)

In 2016, Grande Inked a Tribute to Her Best Friend, Alexa Luria.

"I got two new tattoos today," Grande announced in a short video on her Snapchat. "I got this one for my friend, and for myself, because we have the same initial." (Source: www.insider.com)


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