Paw Print Tattoo:

Paw Print Tattoo:


Paw Print Tattoo:

Do Dogs Have a Unique Paw Print?

Like the human fingerprint, all dogs have their unique paw print. That makes it great for people who have multiple dogs and want to print all their paws on their bodies. That’s what’s truly exciting about tattooing a dog paw, you’re a dog lover and you live with a lot of them. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

How Much Does Getting a Paw Tattoo Cost?

Getting a paw tattoo can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 for smaller tattoos that don’t require a lot of ink. If you’re aiming for a larger tattoo that includes multiple elements like hearts, flowers, or the dog design, it’ll be over $100. The largest tattoos can cost well past $500 if you’re getting a sleeve tattoo.

Paw Print Tattoo Ideas That Are Aww so Cute!

Tattoos are an exciting way to add some positivity or uniqueness in your life. With a million different tattoos around the globe, paw tattoos have been quite a common tattoo, and people usually get it to express their love towards their pets. A pet is one of the greatest friends to have in life, and to showcase their love for their furry-friends pet parents usually get paw tattoos. Each paw tattoo has its individual meaning, the main meanings are moving forward in life, especially when the paw design represents a moving animal. The other is affection towards the animal. Mentioned below are some of the cutest and unique paw tattoo designs that you should consider when getting a tattoo.

Which Is the Best Place to Get a Paw Tattoo Printed?

www.wildtattooart.com)You can get your paw tattoo printed anywhere on your body you like and prefer; however, the most common places where paw tattoos look best are the arm, foot, neck, chest, back, thighs, and fingers. The placement largely depends on the type of tattoo you’re getting ad its size. If the tattoo is big, you should get it tatted on your back or chest, and if they are small or long, then your arm and thighs would be the perfect place. You can adjust the size of the tattoo according to your preference. (Source:

How Can I Get the Exact Paw Print of My Pet Tatted?

It is usually nice to get the exact paw of your pet tatted on your body. You can easily get the paw print of your pet by following these simple steps carefully. First, gently take your pet’s paw and press it on an ink pad and then onto a clear sheet of paper. Make sure to keep the paw still on the paper because if you move it, you won’t get an accurate print, and it would also smudge the print. Gently lift the paw from the paper and make sure you do it well in the first try as those who have pets would know how hard it is to get a paw print of your pet without any movement. (Source: www.wildtattooart.com)


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