Oni Tattoo:

Oni Tattoo:

Oni Mask Tattoo

Irezumi Collective on Instagram: “👹 Artwork by: Bobby Thai Location: Vancouver BC, Canada Artist's IG: @bobbythaitattoos #irezumicollective” (Source: www.pinterest.com)

Who Should Get an Omni Mask Tattoo?

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for an Oni mask tattoo? A lot of people are not too sure how to rock this design. However and luckily for you, this print is for everyone who wants a unique and breathtaking tattoo. It is suitable for men and women. However and for some reason, guys tend to get this tattoo more often than women. It might be due to its bright and loud colors, as well as a scary image, would you agree?

Which Mask Design Was Your Favorite?

Which Oni tattoo mask design was your favorite out of all of these? This idea is great for men and women, as long as you have the courage to rock similar tattoos. Let us know which one is your favorite tattoo out of these top 30 created and well-done tattoo jobs, we would love to know where you stand when it comes to these creative and colorful pieces.

What Does Oni Mask Tattoo Mean?

The Oni, also known as Namahage, originated from Japanese folklore. These creatures are best described as massive ogre-like, red demon, trolls with devilish horns protruding from the forehead surrounded by a mane of wild jet-black hair. These sharp-clawed, imaginary humanoids are the root to any child or adult’s nightmare, and that’s exactly what the purpose of this crazy folklore monster was intended to do.

Top 250 Best Oni Tattoos (2019) • Tattoodo

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What Is the Meaning of a Hannya Tattoo?

Traditionally, Hannya tattoos mainly symbolize a jealous woman in demon form, but they actually possess many meanings. Just as the design of the mask displays various emotions depending on the angle it’s viewed from, even surrounding motifs may give clues as to deeper meaning. Listed below are the most popular meanings behind Hannya mask tattoos. (Source: www.tattoodo.com)



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