Old School Tattoo:

Old School Tattoo:

Old School Tattoos

Traditional tattoos have soared in popularity once again in recent times, developing a strong and ever-expanding community of tattoo fans. While more modern trends like dotwork tattoos and more abstract approaches to tattooing grow in stature, with people drawn to the complexity and subtlety of these designs, the clearly defined lines and bold, colourful style of traditional tattooing (also known as old school tattooing) maintains legions of committed fans across the globe.

Old School Tattoo Posters

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Old School Tattoo

At old school tattoos, or “traditional,” originated around the 1890s. However, the popularization of this style of tattooing took place after the year 1920, at a time when most tattoo artists went to work near US naval bases. At this point, the Old School tattoo became a symbol of bravery and personality, as the tattooed person told the stories and voyages of the sailors. (Source: 

Classic Americana Tattoo Style – History of Old School Tattoos

After World War II, the tattooed hero, Norman Collins aka Sailor Jerry pioneered this popular style in Hawaii which was the crossroads for millions of American men at the time. Such pieces imbue their bearers with the same ideas from which they were born: a rejection of mainstream culture and the search for a new identity with the revival of traditional style tattoos. 

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