Old People With Tattoos:

Old People With Tattoos:

How Old Is Too Old to Get a Tattoo?

You’re too old to get a tattoo if and when you decide you’re too old for a tattoo. Getting a tattoo is not restricted to young people only; everyone can go get a tattoo at any age they want. It is not something exclusive to young adults, so you should not be bothered by that.

Does It Hurt to Get a Tattoo at Old Age?

If you had low pain tolerance at the age of 20, you will have the same low pain tolerance at the age of 50. The pain of tattooing stays probably the same throughout life, it is just the matter of the body placement of the tattoo, and the fact that some areas hurt more than the others. It is not believed that tattooing starts hurting more with older age. (Source: 

But, Do Age-Related Skin Changes Affect Tattoos?

Now, if there is one reason some people should NOT get tattoos in their old age, then it would be the age-related skin change. It is no secret that, as we get older, our skin ages with us. It looses its youthful elasticity and it becomes thinner, softer, and more fragile. The older we get, the harder it is for our skin to bear any ‘trauma’ or damage, especially when it comes to tattoos.

Intimate Portraits of Tattooed Seniors Reveal How Ink Looks on Aging Bodies

Tattoos are a common sight on young people nowadays, but there are a growing number of senior citizens who are sporting their own body art. Many of them had it long before it was socially acceptable and provide a peek into how tattoos age on the skin. One project called TattooAge. Never too old. highlights 25 seniors with tattoos. It was created by GetOud, a foundation dedicated to bridging gaps between generations and fostering a positive image of people over 75. 

15 Cool Older People With Modern Tattoos (photos)

Tattoos are forever. We repeat: FOREVER. That little word will either excite you or terrify you when it comes to talking about permanent body art, but have you ever wondered what happens to tattoos when you get older? There are tons of horror stories about wrinkly skin that renders your once-pristine art unrecognizable. Simply put, if you're 60+ years old and rocking a full sleeve or two and a chest piece, you're probably one cool dude.


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