Octopus Tattoo:

Octopus Tattoo:

Just days ago, a young woman had to have her tattoo lasered off because, the tattoo artist told her, it was “the wrong skin color”. This wasn’t just a bad tattoo job, it was a racist, classist, fear-based intervention. The woman's treatment is just one in a lifelong string of experiences that have made her feel unwelcome in her own body. If this makes you angry, there are some immediate steps you can take.

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125 Magnificent Octopus Tattoos Trending in 202

Octopus tattoos may be one of the most unusual tattoos for you to get, but in recent years they have surfaced as a trend in the tattoos industry. Octopus tattoos appear in one of the unique ways and have quite flexible designs. Tattoo artists use their creativity and add different elements to come up with exotic octopus tattoo design ideas. Hence, there are countless octopus tattoos designs out there that will blow your mind. (Source: 

How Much Do Octopus Tattoos Cost?

This is a confusing Japanese style blue ring octopus tattoo. The snakeskin take on the beast’s skin is a cool effect, however the image as a whole lacks clarity and definition. From a delivery perspective, a bigger eye, more crisp facial detail and a clearer alternate fill colour would’ve helped create nuance in the art wor

Japanees Tattoos:

You’ll struggle to find a cleaner black and gray animal tattoo. It’s etched with an almost cartoon like larger than life mentality. The suckers look strong, bubbling at the bottom of a crisply delivered head and body shaped by light shade and negative space. The Japanese style fills at the top – and neg space curve of seaweed – give the tattoo a fully fleshed out, well balanced aspect. (Source:nextluxury.com))

A massive thigh and upper leg blue ring octopus tattoo. It would have been a time consuming and exhausting piece to deliver for both artist and subject. The contrasting sky blue pattern of the tentacles and Japanese style wave elements are nicely etched, however the piece is let down by the under cooked negative space suckers. It has a real need to have these suckers either lined more effectively – they’re currently just circles – or have added shade and flavor thrown in to give the section and entire tattoo real pop. 


This is a cracking side tattoo. The colorful blue and green octopus does a tremendous job balancing traditional Japanese themes with absurdist elements such as the infinity eyes. Love the transitional line work in the gray shaded water and white caps. The back shading fills behind the ship’s mast is also awesome, with the circles matching up well behind the line work stars. How Much DDifferent tattoo parlors charge different prices for octopus tattoos as the cost depends on the size and design of the tattoo as well as the place you are getting it done from. If you like minimalist designs and opt for a small octopus tattoo, it will charge you around $100 or less. For a bigger octopus tattoo that includes a lot of elements, parlors set high rates, i.e., around $400 or even more. Some tattoo artists charge hourly, which is $150. This could also make a major difference in the price. (Source:o Octopus Tattoos Cost?


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