Moon Phases Tattoo:

Moon Phases Tattoo:


Moon Phases Tattoo:

What Does Phases of the Moon Tattoo Mean?

With its soft look and serene vibe it gives off, the moon has been attracting the interest of people for many years. In many cultures, the moon is honored and worshiped. There are many legends and myths that surround the moon and the specific phases of the moon. If you talk to anyone that has studied the moon, they will tell you the moon has powerful influence over us and nature. The full moon is said to be the most powerful and offers energy that is absorbed by all life. However, every phase of the moon has different meaning. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)

Moon Phases Tattoo

If you have been thinking of getting a moon phases tattoo, here are some wonderful moon phases tattoo ideas for your juices flowing. A simple moon shaped side tattoo. The moon cycle on a small moon-phase side tattoo placed on the shoulder or lower back.

What Are Moon Phases Meanings?

The question of “What are moon phases meanings?” has been discussed on numerous occasions, but the answer is actually very simple. The meaning of moon-phases is dependent upon the position of the moon in its orbit. Therefore, if the moon is in the part of the sky directly overhead at that moment, it will have a direct effect upon any design you choose to have created.

Moon Phases Tattoo Design Meaning – Learn the Different Moon Phases

There are several meanings for moon-phases meaning. The moon is considered to be a symbol of love. Therefore, moon-phases meaning shows the different phases that the moon goes through throughout the year. A lunar phase symbolizes a love relationship. In the Chinese calendar, the zodiac signs or constellations represented by the sun are the most important factors in determining the time of birth. The moon-phases can also help determine the correct time to have a person born.

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Yo

You can’t look up at the night sky and not be in awe of the mystical moon. It inspires so many people from scientists to lovers of magic and mystery. With that said, it is no surprise that the moon has inspired many tattoo designs. Moon tattoos have become so popular and today we would like to show you 41 tattoo ideas that feature moon phases. There is a tattoo for everyone from simple and stunning to bold and beautiful. So, take a look to find your perfect and magnificent moon phase tattoo. (Source: stayglam.com)


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