minimalist ouroboros tattoo

minimalist ouroboros tattoo


ouroboros tattoo

The great self-eating serpent lends itself well to tattoos. (Source: tattmag.com Ouroboros tattoos may represent different concepts, including: (Source:tattmag.com))

When it comes to ouroboros tattoos, there are so many directions to consider. (Source: tattmag.com It is this yin/yang concept that inspires black and red ouroboros tattoos. (Source:tattmag.com))

In these tattoos, the snake is in a skeletal form. (Source: tattmag.com Typically, ouroboros tattoos have the shape of a serpent or snake that appears to be eating its tail. (Source:tattmag.com))

tattmag.com tattmag.com))Dragons tattoos have long been associated with power, wisdom, and eternWe continue that legacy with heart-shaped snakes in our ouroboros tattoos. (Source:ity. (Source:

tattmag.com)An ouroboros with runes tattoos may represent mysteries and the desire for spiritual knowledge. (Source:

Aztec tattoos use a distinctive color palette, but they can also be depicted in black and grey styles. (Source: tattmag.com Bracelet ouroboros tattoos do that by encircling the wearer’s wrist with the serpent, thus giving the design a more three-dimensional feel. (Source:tattmag.com))

Bracelet ouroboros tattoos can be created using any number of styles and designs, making them perfect for anyone who is looking for a non-traditional design. (Source: tattmag.com The wrist is an intimate place for a tattoo, and this is no different for bracelet ouroboros tattoos. (Source:tattmag.com))

Mayan ouroboros tattoos are interesting because the ouroboros symbol did not originate in Central or South America where the Mayan society flourished. (Source: tattmag.com) The earliest known history of the ouroboros, although puzzling and mysterious, is not finally defined. (Source: tattmag.com) There


This pattern can look astonishing as a “wrap-around tattoo”; a snake or dragon that not necessarily curls around the wrist or ankle, but around another object of design too. Other recommended placements ideas include the hand, back, upper arm, and bicep. (Source: bodyartguru.com)

Tattoo - not just an image on the skin , it is also a reflection of the inner world of man. What kind of tattoo he chooses for themselves , says a lot - the nature, the views , aspirations , etc. Today there are many ideas for a tattoo .And they all have a meaning , a certain meaning . (Source: 500tattoos.com You have probably seen one or two Ouroboros tattoo designs in your life, but you didn’t know how their names. An Ouroboros tattoo has a snake on it, which is in a circle, therefore eating its tail. While this may sound scary, tattoo designs like this one are beautiful and can have a lot of meaning to them. Therefore, here are some of our favorite Ouroboros Tattoo Ideas! (Source:outsons.com))

Tattoos are a trend that has been around for ages and it doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon. Many people get tattoos just because the think they are beautiful. Others do it to add a form of an accessory to their body. There are many, howeer, who get tattoos to commemorate important events in their lives. More often than not, these tattoos are a symbol with a much deeper meaning. Today, we are going to be looking at one especially meaningful and interesting type of body art – the ouroboros tattoo. So, keep reading to find out what it means, as well as look at some ideas you may steal for yourself. (Source: v1.archiecho.com) What is the Ouroboros Tattoo? There are many different symbols that have the word Ouroboros tattooed on people.


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