Men's shoulder tattoos 2018

Men's shoulder tattoos 2018

Men's shoulder tattoos 2018

There are plenty of unwelcome side effects attributed to tattooing. Fortunately, mobility is one of the few benefits. And so are the spread-out, individualist designs of contemporary American tattoos.


Shoulder tattoos look great on both men and women, but like fashion, there are certain styles and types of tattoos that work best In this article, we cover some of our favorite shoulder tattoo styles. Read on to learn what they mean and which one you should get. (Source:Dragons symbolize power, wisdom, and strength. Men drawn to powerful imagery, and wanting to express themselves as powerful being, will be naturally drawn to a dragon tattoo. For a shoulder tattoo showing life and vigour, you could choose a Japanese or Chinese-style dragon — their elongated and snake-like bodies will look amazingly unique wrapped around your chest, trap muscle, and bicep. (Source:on men. (Source:

Shoulder blade tattoos aren’t too common, so if you’re looking to stand out they can be a great choice. Your shoulder blades can accommodate a big tattoo with room for lots of detail. One of the most fitting tattoo designs for the shoulder blades is wings. Most designs and styles will work great here. For a striking effect, you can ask your tattoo artist to extend the feathers or wingtip to the back of your arms.

Tribal tattoos reached peak popularity in the ’90s, and still remain as one of the most popular tattoo styles. The curved and thick lines are ideal for a shoulder tattoo because they can follow the natural curves of your shoulder. The tattoo artist will use your muscle to guide where the lines of your chosen design should be placed and shape the inking tattoo to match. The resulting tattoo will not disappoint. pulptastic.com))Shoulder tattoos look great on all skin colors, but if you’re a black man, it’s a good idea to consult a tattoo artist who has experience tattooing black skin. They’ll have more experience and insight into what kind of tattoo will work best for you. Tattoos can age differently on dark skin tones compared to lighter skin. Some ink colors and shades won’t look as lively on darker skin tones, even when fresh. Additionally, dark skin tends to scar more easily. These are different things to consider which any good tattoo artist will know about and advise you on

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