memento mori tattoo simple

memento mori tattoo simple

Memento mori tattoo

The Apprenticeship Program in 17th-century Germany not only made it more difficult to become a professional, it also required artists to wear a tattoo that would memorialize the number of years they would live. Like early Christians were also required to wear a belt that displayed the actual number of years they had been a Christian, the apprentice tattoo would symbolize how


This tattoo design also emphasized Hell, Heaven, and the recovery of the soul in the afterlife. Memento Mori’s expression came from the practices and theory of the mortality of life that we live. When anyone thinks of death, he or she might connect with the feeling of being alone or afraid. However, this term is supposed to show the fact that everything and everyone ultimately dies, it is the most natural part of life so be victorious over the idea as an alternative. This tattoo design is one more reminder to oneself to live every day to the fullest since you never know when your time to die may come.

Skulls are most commonly associated with death and mortality. Therefore, the skull symbol is actually the most-suited when it comes to incorporating the same with memento mori tattoos. Older artistic representations of memento mori tattoos find their roots in skulls and skeletons for the longest time possible. All credit to their deep association with death, people are able to recognize or relate the aspect with memento mori directly. When it comes to skulls, there are many different designs that can be experimented with. (Source: www.fashionhombre.com)


Memento mori has always held its spot in the artistic world as well as the religious and ancient Latin language. The reminder that we are all, but mortal is an exultant and joyful thought, we play our role in the universe the best we can, and we pass on to perhaps another dimension, be it Heaven or Hell. The phrase Memento Mori could be tattooed and used as a graphic in many different ways. Often seen is just the two words themselves, when getting the tattoo of just the words ‘Memento Mori’, placement is key. Popular spots to get this would be across the chest, leading up the forearm, or going down your side of your rib cage. Depending on what kind of text you want, this is usually done in a Latin word font style of writing. Cursive writing of ‘Momento Mori’ is another style.

Not only can you get the words spelt out, a lot of those who have this inked on their skin get an image along with it. More than often, these images depict death. Different designs of skulls are an example. Written in script, the words flow around or above/below the skull. This kind of scripture-like affect goes well with not just a memento mori tat, but basically any image you can think of. The skull image doesn’t always have to be a human skull. Animal skulls such as cows and bulls are popular graphics as well. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)



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