Memento Mori Tattoo:

Memento Mori Tattoo:

The memento mori tattoos usually illustrate a Latin phrase, meaning "remember you must die," and a skull or a deathly grim reaper. According to November 1854's Medical News, the memento mori tattoo can have a scientific grounding in the natural dying process. While it is a morbid thought, the Latin phrase reminds us of the need to use time wisely in life, which is often a source of added value when death is discussed. Mexican Flag Tattoo: The tat is generally seen as a Mexican symbol that is generally reserved for women or women with Mexican heritage.

Top 61 Memento Mori Tattoo Idea

These black line work tattoos take an approach that is evocative of the hand cut lithographs that held the original Christian images of memento mori art. Through a bold application of precise lines, these artists are able to create unique pieces that utilize common themes like gravestones, skulls and skeletons to perfectly capture the sentiment behind this ancient concept.

While the term and definition of memento mori arose out of the Classical period of Western thought, the almost universal expression of this idea suggests that to recognize our mortality is distinctly human. It truly is no wonder that people continue to use art—especially tattoos—to create everyday reminders of the fleeting nature of life. (Source: 

A memento mori tattoo can include many different things – skulls, angels, women holding mirrors, or musical instruments such as flutes symbolizing people playing music in heaven. Many of these symbols come from medieval art and literature, where artists would paint images of memento mori on the walls of churches. ()

In conclusion, Memento Mori tattoos are one of my favorites for many reasons. Not only because they’re beautiful and creative pieces of body art but also because their imagery represents so much more than just death itself. Their deeper meaning makes them great symbols to use in memory of those we’ve lost while celebrating life at every turn – which is something we can all work towards if you ask me!memento mori art, memento mori meaning, night butterfly png, memento mori butterfly, memento mori butterfly tattoo, memento mori tattoo ideas, memento mori, tattoo design, tattoo designs butterfly, tattoo designs butterfly and flower, tattoo designs for women, tattoo designs for women with meaning, tattoo design, tattoo certificate, tattoo set, tattoo ideasbutterfly design, butterfly set, mothers day (Source:

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What Is a Memento Mori Ring?

Memento Mori, as said, is a Latin phrase which was also engraved in jewelry. The phrase says ”remember that you will die” and it was also described as mourning jewelry which was popular in the 18th century. )


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