Medusa Tattoo:

Medusa Tattoo:

Medusa Tattoo Meaning: What Happens to Her in the Greek Myth?

Medusa has become an iconic figure from Greek mythology, with her striking coiling snake hair and eyes that turn people to stone. While many people choose tattoos simply for the aesthetics, others choose tattoos that represent something deeply personal, or important that has happened to them. We take a closer look at the meaning behind a Medusa tattoo, including an exploration of the original Greek myth. ()Medusa Tattoo Meaning: What Happens to Her in the Greek Myth?

Medusa Tattoo Studi

George is awesome! This was my first tattoo and I was so anxious (honestly, I was terrified!), but George instantly put me at ease as soon as I walked in the door. He’s so chill and welcoming, as well as talented and fast. I loosely knew what I wanted, but because it was my first tat, I was a bit unsure of how it would look. He knew exactly how to adjust it to fit my ideal size and placement. Plus, I was in and out of the chair so fast and easily, with a tattoo that is healing so much better than I ever expected. Top-notch place that I highly recommend! According to the myth, Medusa was once a ravishing woman with long flowing locks of hair. Even the goddess Athena was jealous of her beauty. Every man in Greece lusted for her. Thousands of men used to visit Athena’s temple just for a glance at Medusa’s beauty. But Medusa couldn’t be with any man as she was a priestess of Athena, the goddess of war, and bound by an eternal vow of chastity. (Source:

“The Versace Medusa head logo features the head of Medusa at its center portrayed as a beautiful woman with a supernatural aura. Rather than snakes for hair, the Versace logo depicts Medusa at a time when her golden hair overflowed. Her beauty is apparent in her proportional features and fulsome lips, but her eyes remain hollow, her intentions ambiguous)


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