lucky tattoo for pisces

lucky tattoo for pisces


Pisces tattoo

Pisces tattoo is visible from the neck of the wearer and the upper left arm. It is a symbol of eternity and is a sign that was used as an insigna for the Roman legionnaires. During the religious period of ancient Rome, the right hand was supposed to be used only for religious and personal purposes and the left hand was used for work related activities. It is also a reference to the Roman legion’s twelve legions.


The sign of the Pisces is a symbol of duality and the fish, a representation of the legendary sea creature Ichthyocentaur. The Ichthyocentaur is a centaur that features the tail of an enormous fish. They rule the tides in Ancient Greece and the two most prominent are involved in the myth of Aphrodite’s birth. Two ichthyocentaurs lift the shell that holds newly born Aphrodite above the water. This is a very striking image that can look amazing in tattoo form, but anyone interested in it should plan to get it on an area of their bodies that can fit a larger tattoo design. You can also opt to get a silhouette of the creature if you want to save money and/or get a smaller tattoo.

The Pisces sign is heavily connected to the element water and the fluidity that comes with it. That actually makes for multiple Pisces tattoo meanings. If you love the water and would love to be near it at all times, then you can use that meaning in your Pisces design. Likewise, you can also get a Pisces tattoo if you are the type of person who feels better when your life has a good “flow” to it. If these meanings are important to you, then you should try to incorporate water into your Pisces tattoo regardless of the symbol or image you choose to use. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)


The 12th and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the end of the cycle before it begins again. A water sign, Pisces is the ruling sign for those men born between February 18 and March 20th. Pisces men tend to be generous, spiritual and very open to exploring who they are and how they can grow. Deeply intuitive and open to the mysteries of the universe, Pisces men tend to identify closely with their zodiac sign and want to proclaim it to the world. Doing so with a tattoo is the perfect expression for the Pisces man as he is very open to discussing his beliefs and nature with others who may comment on his ink. Pisces tattoos for men have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and there are plenty of different types to choose from.

Pisces men are, by nature, prone to lending a helping hand to anyone in need. Their caring and intuitive nature usually leads them into more expressive career paths, such as artists, therapists, actors and writers. Because few of them gravitate toward the corporate world, they usually have more freedom to get tattoos on highly visible parts of their body such as forearms, legs and necks. This makes choosing a Pisces tattoo for men easier than it would be for those who need to appear more buttoned-up or conservative. (Source: www.menstattooideas.net)


The Zodiac sign Pisces carries some beautiful personality traits. Their birth dates fall between the 20th of February to the 22nd of March. They are symbolized by two fishes tied together, each in the opposite direction. The fish facing upwards represents the soul, while the one facing downwards represents the personality. Pisces have the tendency to either serve others or probably suffer. They are strong people with a psychic mind. Their emotions and moods keep changing from time to time which adds to their complex personality. They are romantic and selfless people and can be very genuine and compassionate at times. People who belong to Pisces are often noticed wearing tattoos that signify their zodiac sign.

The long, beautiful and colorful-tailed Betta fish creates a more delicate and feminine image because their tails resemble flower petals. Women who don’t particularly care for the look of some of the more popular fish associated with Pisces tattoos might opt instead to get these Betta fish. Actually, these fish can add in the meaning that women take pride in their gender and love their feminine qualities. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)



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