Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower-Back Tattoos Are Back, With Low-Rise Jeans and Y2k

In the last year, Austin C. Pratt-Fusari, a tattoo artist at Sacred Tattoo on Broadway, has noticed a resurgence in lower-back tattoos. Women in particular, he said, are coming in and asking for so-called “tramp stamps” again — more than they have in about a decade. (Source:

Beautiful Lower Back Tattoo Designs and Names

With tattoos becoming a rage amongst women the one that tops the list is the lower back tattoo. Not only does it embody a woman’s femininity but it also makes a style statement. No longer hindered by the social stigma attached to tattoos, the modern-day woman loves to flaunt her body and when adorned with a lower back tattoo, it accentuates those delicate curves of the hips. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Pretty Lower Back Heart Tattoo With Wings:

A tattoo with heart having wings is one of the trendiest tattoos among the youths of this generation. The main meaning of this tattoo is love. Along with love, it also symbolizes ascension, freedom and spiritual nature. At many places, this tattoo is carried out by people who have lost their loved ones, to symbolize that the angels carried them to the heaven. The tattoo is widely seen on the lower back area of girls, but when it comes to spiritual meaning, also boys use this tattoo.

Lower Back Angel & Demon Wings Tattoo:

This lower back tattoo is a combination of both evil and angel. This tattoo is carried out by the people who have a soft corner for the loved ones, but at the same time are evil for the enemies. In addition to the tattoo, words are also mentioned with curvy fonts to add to its beauty. The lovely yellow colored ring with the angel wing defines love and passion while the small black horn on the evil wing defines hatred and strong fight. This tattoo is widely carried out by girls but is also seen on boys. It is one of the most desirable lower back tattoo designs for girls.

Flower Back Tattoo for Girls:

Flower tattoos have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from and nearly all of them have a symbolic meaning attached to them. For the most part however they are worn for their beauty. Flowers are the epitome of grace and beauty and they are an irresistible choice among women when it comes to tattoos. They are designed in a splash of colors and stand out especially on the lower back where they can be stretched to their fullest extent due to the larger coverage area.

Beautiful Peacock Feather Tattoo for Girls Lower Back:

Peacock Feather Tattoos are commonly worn as a motif on the body. Apart from being associated with royalty, the peacock feather denotes pride and arrogance. While some may wear a peacock feather tattoo for these attributes others simply find them appealing and wear them for no particular reason. Almost always done is shades of blue and green, the peacock feather tattoo has its own charm about it.



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