Love Tattoo:

Love Tattoo:

Love Tattoo Meaning and Significance:

In ancient times, bodies were used as a canvas to etch love messages and openly declare their feelings for someone. This has now become a ritual among couples and partners to get love tattoos inked on their bodies. Love tattoos symbolise intimacy, affection, infatuation and attachment for each other. They are filled with hidden messages and symbols to hint at the person of one’s inner feelings. Love tattoo designs also express one’s bonding with their parents, siblings, family members and even their favourite idols. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

15 Best Love Tattoo Designs With Meanings!

“There can be no better feeling than to love and to be love!” Isn’t this statement true? Love is what keeps the world together and makes us feel alive. Expressing one’s love for someone is very important, as it can bring people together and create a relationship of warmth. There is no better feeling in the world than to listen to someone say “I love You” to you! However, many people are not comfortable saying it aloud verbally and choose alternate mediums of expression. Love tattoos have been in use for many centuries to declare their passion creatively. They have never seized to go out of fashion and are one of the most popular tattoo designs. We have compiled the best of love tattoo designs in this article and play the Cupid for you!

3. Lily Song Love Tattoos Art:

Lilies are rich in symbolism among different cultures of the world and are a trendy tattoo design amongst women who sport them in various shapes, sizes and colors. Red lilies are usually a portrayal of love, affection and passion. Designed with hearts, stars, butterflies and musical notes, it has all the signs of love associated with it.

Little Hearts Love Tattoos Design:

The heart has always been known to symbolize love and adoration. It makes for a great tattoo design as they are done in endless styles and colors. The two hearts are a fitting tribute of love and honour to one’s parents. Adorned with the lotus on both sides, which similarly represents love, beauty and strength, it is a colorful portrayal of emotion.

Wrist Love Tattoos:

)No design or pattern can convey the true meaning of love more profoundly than the word itself when tattooed on the body. It looks elegant and stands out. This lettering of the word in tattoo font is more common among women. Women are known to express their emotions openly and when it comes to love, getting the tattoo worded is a bold proclamation of their love. You can express the feeling of hate also through hate tattoos. (Source:


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