Lotus Tattoo:

Lotus Tattoo:

The Lotus tattoo is one of the most well-known tattoos of the world and has become a symbol of Buddhism and is also used as a philosophical term for "emptiness". The lotus is a flower which grows from muddy water and absorbs or reflects the sunshine, having no roots and no leaves. It is an eternally blooming flower and symbolizes the transience and changeability of life. Buddhism has its roots deep within an Eastern philosophy which rejects the materialism of the Western world, and the Buddhist faith is based on the idea that all.

What Does a Lotus Flower Mean Spiritually?

Lotus flowers have different spiritual meanings that are all important and deep. First of all, lotus flowers symbolize peace. In fact, with its beautiful pink color, it simplifies the fact of simply being. Lotus flowers float on the water and are not impacted by what happens in the external world. For this reason, lotus flowers symbolize peacefulness.

Gorgeous and Meaningful Lotus Tattoos You’ll Instantly Lov

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