lotus flower tattoo meaning

lotus flower tattoo meaning

lotus flower tattoo meaning

Lotus flower tattoos are popular among people of Asian descent. In fact, they can even symbolize eternal life. This is because the lotus flower grows in every possible condition. Because the existent of the lotus flower never ends, it is believed to be an eternal creature. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

Lotus flower tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body but their most common placements are the foot, the back, or the arms. Lotus flowers have an extensive list of meanings and are usually very personal tattoos. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com If you’re looking for a meaningful, beautiful, and realistic lotus flower tattoo that has a deep and important representation, we’ve got you covered. Here below you’ll find the 15 most beautiful lotus flower tattoos as well as some Japanese lotus tattoo to consider. (Source:www.savedtattoo.com))

Traditional lotus flower tattoos have been a popular choice for many years and for good reasons. Firstly, tattoos are intended to be placed with personal meaning and to last forever. By getting one of these traditional lotus flower tattoos, you’ll remember the value for a very long time as well as keeping a traditional and somewhat conservative look. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com Needless to say, it can also add style to your back and that’s one of the reasons we find it to be one of the most beautiful lotus flower tattoos. (Source:www.savedtattoo.com)) Types of Lotus Flower Tattoos There are many types of lotus flowers, and the variety of options is vast. If you


selftattoo.com)Young women have always been fascinated by floral tattoos and the current rage is Lotus Flower Tattoos. The range and diversity of lotus flower tattoo designs available today is testament to the creativity and artistry of skilled and imaginative people who have built upon the fascination and inspiration provided by this beautiful flower. (Source:

The fact that accounts most for their appeal, however, may well be that the meaning of one’s lotus tattoo is always up to the wearer, who is the only person who best knows and understands what it signifies. That offers irresistible appeal to choose a lotus flower design over any other options. (Source: selftattoo.com selftattoo.com))Few other designs combine a lovely visual impact with symbolism like a lotus flower tattoo. The flower is readily recognized for what it is, and the connection with a deeper meaning is almost instinctive for most people across cultures, religions and geography. (Source:

Tattoos are a very creative way to express your personality. Through different designs and symbols, you can wear your heart on your sleeve (metaphorically or literally ). Deciding what ink to get is a very important decision – after all, you only have so much canvas space on your body. If you’re in search of new ink ideas to reflect your feelings and personal interests, kickassthings.com is the place to be. From new school to traditional, from minimalist to highly detailed ink pieces, we find world’s most celebrated tattoo artists and creative designs to inspire and indulge your love of ink as you prepare to add your next work of art on skin. Today we’re going to take a trip to nature, an infinite source of ink inspiration, to bring you some of the most creative lotus tattoo ideas. Beautiful looking and with a rich symbolism behind, lotus tattoos are absolutely gorgeous. Scroll down to see everything you need to know about a lotus tattoo and some awesome imagery for inspiration. (Source: kickassthings.com) Lotus Flower Tattoo Design The lotus flower tattoo is one of the most popular choices for women, so we can assure you


Love spiritual tattoos? Into Buddhist culture? Want a meaningful tattoo? All of the above? Then the lotus flower tattoo is the one for you. Or even if you’re just on the lookout for trendy tattoo ideas, this article will give you every reason to get a lotus one. Read on to know more about these pretty tattoos, what each lotus color means, what the latest trends in lotus tattoos are, where to get them and which one’s the best for you! (Source: shilpaahuja.com)

If line tattoos are not your style, you can get small flower tattoos that are just as minimal but with a little bit of color or dots or a 3D effect or all! The best thing about small lotus flower tattoos are, they look good irrespective of where you get them! Some ideas are at the collarbone, shoulder, ankle, wrist and back of the ear or a helix tattoo on the ear itself! Or go for one on your finger. (Source: shilpaahuja.com)

Blue lotus – the blue lotus is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. In religious terms, a blue-colored lotus signifies that a person’s spirituality is stronger than their physical senses – meaning that the strength of your spirit can help you overcome physical temptations. In terms of tattoo designs, blue lotuses are usually tattooed half-closed – as a symbol of the growth of spirit and mind as a continuous, life-long process. (Source: thestyleup.com)

Lotus flower in water – the lotus doesn’t have to be represented as the only element. It’s quite common to see tattoo designs involving a lotus (or several lotuses) in water. This kind of design opens up an opportunity for some great color work, looks great in a number of styles from traditional to watercolor, and can refer to the cultural and religious notions of the pure lotus emerging from murky water. (Source: thestyleup.com) Wish flower in water – a common flower in Buddhism, today’s wish flower has a special meaning for many people. In tattoo culture, the


White lotus flower tattoos reflect enlightenment, purity and perfection – in a spiritual and intellectual sense. Representing calm and quiet, this form of bodily inking could suggest a stable, restful state of mind that is reconciled with itself and the world around it. (Source: selftattoo.com)

kickassthings.com)White Lotus stands for spiritual perfection and it’s linked with the pacification of one’s own nature; additionally it can also signify perfection, purity (Source:

A white lotus symbolizes enlightenment, especially in the Buddhist religion. The color white also imparts the meaning of peace and purity. More so than other colors of the flower, a white lotus represents the ability to work through dark or difficult times with calmness and grace. (Source: www.inkvivo.com)

White Lotus tattoo is the best to symbolize purity and perfection. It tends to present our mind, associated with the peace and compassion of the soul. (Source: www.bangbangtattoo.com)

Secondly, lotus flowers can also represent wisdom. White lotus flowers represent spiritual wisdom as they have open petals symbolizing mind-opening and its full connection with the world around them. This spiritual meaning is one of the most powerful reasons why people tattoo themselves with a lotus flower. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com) There is no doubt that lotus is the immensely beautiful flower with a fascinating love for its beauty and inner working. The calm calmness and harmony of


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