Lily Tattoo:

Lily Tattoo:


What Does a Lily Tattoo Symbolize?

Lilies are gorgeous flowers that stand for devotion and purity. They have been associated with the power of rebirth and motherhood. In some countries lilies also symbolize never-ending and fortunate love, and up to 100 years of pure romance!

The most common of the lily family, the white lily has a long tradition of spiritual associations. In ancient Greece the lily flower—the name comes from the Greek word “lerion”—was sacred, believed to have sprung from the milk of Hera, the queen of the Greek gods. (

Lily Flower Tattoo for Women:

A Lily flower is generally considered to be a tiger lily as it is large and attractive in size. You can get an awesome design by placing the pictures of lily tattoo designs on the centre with additional flowers added to their side will be really unique and a new innovative finding that matches with the current fashionable trend. However, you may add other flowers; try to keep the focus in the middle of the lily flowe)

The Triplets Lily Tattoos:

This is a lily tattoo design for women tattoo lovers. If someone wants to go for a bigger inch of their skin, this is an apt tattoo for them. Basically covering your forearm is the three triplets, the three lilies with a vibrant butterfly amidst it in a horizontal manner filled with background detail to bring out the liveliness of the element. This tattoo is not too girly and at the same time, portrays femininity.

Calla Lily Tattoo Designs:

Calla lilies have their own symbolic meaning. They represent the sign of the departed soul from very close and loved ones. Especially, the violet colour cala lilies are believed to be the symbol of mourning. However, the meaning has now changed, and every next person wishes to have a tattoo inked. These calla lilies are unique followers showing up the hearty feelings of unconditional love, romance and care for others are and where in your life. (Source:

Beautiful Lily With Butterfly Tattoo:

This tattoo is pirated from a artwork. It displays a peach colored lily. The particular format is done in black and specified in white. The anther is revealed and it is yellow at the bulbous tip. A big blue and black butterflies is seen hanging over the lily that is suspended midway along the way of pollination. Under larger lily is a smaller sized one whose side user profile is drawn. The particular lilies are between leaves that are painted in boring green and curled to appear like ringlets round the tattoo. 


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