Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Lightning Bolt Tattoo

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Best Lightning Tattoos Designs and Ideas!

The best and coolest way to express your love for nature is by inking yourself with your favourite natural activity. This includes Lightning and bolts. Many young people love the lightning theme when it comes to ‘electrified’ look. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Realistic Lightning Tattoo Designs:

The realistic Lightning tattoo designs are mostly lightning bolt tattoos made with multicolour. The ultimate aim of these tattoos is to create a more realistic look compared to other tattoo designs. Mostly it depends on where you want actually this tattoo design, it looks great on your hand.

Traditional Lightning Tattoo Designs:

The traditional Lightning tattoo designs are made with the portrait of the lightning god Zeus or his son Thor. These lightning tattoos are designed to convey the story of the lightning god or his son Thor. Such design needs proper attention, so when you try to figure out this then go with the professional tattoo designer to design this pattern. (Source:

Tell Your Story in Temporary Lightning Tattoo Designs:

These are the lightning bolt temporary tattoo made with multicolour and resemble a painting. These are made with a theme or to convey the story of a particular person. If you don’t want to go with a permanent tattoo then tell to your tattoo designer for such kind of temporary tattoo style.

Buy Red Lightning Bolt Temporary Tattoo

Give yourself a burst of energy with this electric red lightening bolt temporary tattoo. Whether you're channeling your inner Greek god or just showing off in front of your friends, this tattoo is sure to spark conversation! Easy to apply and take off, this tattoo gives an extra edge to whoever is wearing it. (Source:



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