libra tattoo designs for guys

libra tattoo designs for guys

Libra tattoo

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If you are born into the Libra zodiac astrology sign, there are many tattoo designs to show off this zodiac design in your body. In this Libra zodiac tattoo, there are many other elements apart from the constellation tattoo. The star constellation of the Libra sign is at one end of the inked tattoo. Along with this, there is a skeleton hand extended to the constellation tattoo touching one of the stars. The hand has two semi-circles on both sides of it in double lines. One line is dotted, while the other one is a complete black line. The skeleton hand has many meanings, like a celebration of life and a reminder of death. The tattoo artist has combined a birth sign and a death sign here. This zodiac constellation tattoo has both birth and death in harmony in the tattoo design. It is a very meaningful tattoo with a profound message. Such Libra constellation tattoo designs are perfect for those who like to include concepts like this in their Libra constellation tattoo.

If you want to add a feminine Libra element to your Libra tattoo, the lady of divine justice is the suitable tattoo design. In this Libra symbol tattoo design, goddess Themis is seen holding scales in her hand. The goddess occupies the centre of the tattoo design, grabbing all the attention. The Libra scales are an essential part of the Libra zodiac sign. The Libra scale is an age-old symbol that represents balance and harmony. Usually, goddess tattoo designs of the Libra sign have her holding the scales in her hand. Here, the tattoo artist went a step further and included many elements in this Libra tattoo. Libra, as an air sign, is represented through the air filling around the goddess. There are stars and sun in this air sign tattoo designs. The sun at the top of the Libra tattoo has an eye looking straight at us. The symbol, due to its feminine element, is apt for Libra women. The balance of the world, along with the stars in the sky, makes these types of tattoo designs a great way to ink a woman’s body. (Source: outsons.com)


When choosing your next tattoo, remember to pick something that defines you. There are so many different options to choose from. Getting your sign is pretty hip these days but it doesn’t mean that it’ll be fashionable forever so choose something that you’re going to love no matter if it’s in style or not. Think through different options and then decide on the colors you want to use. It’s also a good idea to check with your workplace to ensure that tattoos are acceptable there. If they aren’t okay with body art and you still want to get work done, consider getting something in a discreet location or a place that’s easily hidden. As you noticed above, choosing a white tattoo is also a great way to have an awesome design that isn’t overly noticeable. Most importantly, pick something that defines you and your personality and enjoy!

Because of the nature of scales, different objects can be portrayed within them in Libra tattoos, signifying various traits or beliefs, with one side outweighing the other. Opposing ideas such as “love” and “hate” or other dualities can be used to emphasize the individual’s principles, with the more significant lowered from the weight of its merit. One example of this is to have a demon in on one side and an angel on the other, with one or the other weighing the scale down. This is one of those examples that we went over earlier where you can tweak the design to show who you are. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)



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