Leo Tattoo:

Leo Tattoo:


What Does Leo Tattoo Mean?

m)Perhaps more than any other set of people, Leos love to tell people that they are, in fact, Leos. One great way to do this without even having to open your mouth is by getting one of the many great Leo tattoos that are out there right now. On this page we will take a look at what the Leo zodiac sign actually is and some of the meanings that come with Leo tattoos. 

Leo Tattoos

What you see in the unique tattoos we do is a rendition of our own soul and heart. Our art stems from the idea of telling your truest stories. When you come to us for a tattoo, our goal is to see you leave the studio a greater being. At Leo Tattoos, we are a group of people who have found an ever-expanding form of artistic expression through tattoos. And the tattoos we make on your bodies are inimitable, because they are as original as you are. Tattooing is not just body art, and we try to implement that school of thought in every work of ours. Your tattoo should speak of who you are, your tastes and characteristics, and that is what we try to capture with every stroke of the needle. (Source: leotattoos.in)

16 Leo Tattoo Designs for Men and Women in 2021

Many of us believe in horoscope and astrology, and the study of these subjects isn’t limited to palm readers or fortune-tellers. You might be a Leo if you are ambitious, generous, but a little stubborn at the same time. Every zodiac sign has a ruling body and element. Leo’s are a feisty bunch whose element is fire and are ruled by the Sun. We have curated the list of some of the beautiful Leo tattoo designs that make you look freaking cool. (Source: and Women in 2021

Leo Glyph Symbol Tattoo:

Leo GlThis is a unique Leo tattoo design where the user has gotten a glyph symbol engraved, symbolizing their zodiac sign. The sleek lines used in representing this fiery planet look elegant and stylish. If you are into simple Leo design the determine the fundamentals of one’s personality, this design can be an excellent option. The addition of a star at one side of the pattern takes it to the next level. (Source:yph Symbol Tattoo:

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