Leg - Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Leg - Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Leg - Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Are you a fan of cool tattoos with an expression of art? Thigh tattoos for women are steadily gaining popularity for those who would love to own up to their sex appeal. These tattoos come in different shapes, sizes and the area has a high pain threshold. Since these are engraved in the area which can be covered with clothes whenever you want, you can experiment with larger designs.

Amazing Thigh Tattoo Themes.

The dream catcher is a beautiful tattoo idea that looks great with any design. The dream catcher with feathers looks spectacular and ideal for thigh tattoo theme.

How much of your tattoo do you want visible? As can be seen from the first tattoo above, this tattoo goes down to the feet of the female carrying it. It means that her tattoo may even be visible with long trousers from her shoes if they are open at the front or top. If this is acceptable for you, and your design permits this you can go ahead and plan such design. If on the other hand you want a tattoo that you can hide under your trousers, or even under your skirt, the position of the tattoo and how low it will go needs to be given series thought.

Hottest Tattoos, According to Women

When it comes to tattoos, we always want to seek out the best category, designs, and ideas. And the back of thigh tattoos is one of our favorite categories. Therefore, we were more conscious when finding the most eye-catching tattoos, especially for all you ladies.

Let us go through this article that helps women pick the right thigh tattoos that are both unique and beautiful. From small to big, there are several design options available that will help you make that choice.

1. Colorful Women’s Thigh Tattoos Designs:

Dream catcher tattoo can be a good option for people who believe they can trap bad dreams filtering through only the good ones. This colorful dream catcher tattoo on the thigh not only serves an emotional purpose but also beautifies your thigh region immensely. Another uniqueness of this design is the heart shape, which stands out against the regular round one you find.

2. Cute Thigh Tattoos for Women:

If you are a fan of elegant and straightforward tattoos, this thigh tattoo is a perfect option. The intricate design of the stem and leaves coupled with a beautiful bird standing on it exude elegance. It symbolizes the beauty of nature and the impact it has on our lives. Although this design looks good anywhere on your body, the thigh’s vast space makes it a perfect area for this tattoo.

3. Unique Thigh Tattoos for Women:

Snakes are a popular tattoo option in Chinese and Japanese cultures, especially on thighs, since they match your body’s curves. It also symbolizes creative life force and fertility across many cultures historically. Since snakes shes their skin, it is also an apt symbol of transformation, rebirth, immortality, and healing. So without holding back, show off your curves with this snake tattoo. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

4. Flower Thigh Tattoos Design With a Skull:

We all have both good and bad sides to our personality. This beautiful tattoo design represents life and death with the skull, while flowers depict beauty and love. This combination is the epitome of portraying the struggle between the right and ugly sides of life in a beautiful way. This design looks fantastic, and you can use a splash of colors if you want.

5. Haloween Ladies Thigh Tattoos:

Many western countries celebrate Halloween to commemorate the dead. The influence of this culture is spreading across the world. This tattoo is a perfect option for those who relate to this festival or who love tattoos that are quirky and stand out. The realistic representation of the figures in this design depends on the tattoo artist and the wearer’s daring nature.


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